Diet for sides

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Fat at the waist and sides look more than ugly. And that's not to mention the problems that they inflict, causing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and even tumors. Internal fat impairs the normal functioning of the organs, its presence only makes sense if a woman is planning to be a mother (adipose tissue is an additional means of protection of nascent life). Well, from unnecessary savings will help to rid the diet for the sides. About it will be discussed in our article.

The essence of the diet

the Diet for the sides offers to leave the diet fully, however, requires to be reduced to a certain level of fat intake:
• To maintain weight at a stable level up to 40-50 g/day
• To get rid of excess weight up to 30-40 g/day

the foods Consumed must have a fat content of less than 12 g/100 g

Else so it is important to limit fats?

Excess fat transformirovalsya in lipids (i.e. in its own fat human body). But received less fats (the average we need 50 g/day), the body is forced to use the reserves of fat depots. However, please note – to completely eliminate from the diet of this food item cannot be in any case (fats play an important role in the body).

Diet diet for getting rid of the fat on the sides

Starting to lose weight by following the system, you will immediately notice the weight loss, but it is clearly make sure that the volume on the sides are actively melting.

the Products under the ban:
• Sauces and dressings with high fat content
• Junk food (fast food, chips, etc.)
• Chocolate
• Any sweet drinks
• All confectionery and ice cream
• Greasy and fried foods
• Salty dried and smoked fish
• Seeds and nuts
• Any sausages
• Fatty dairy products
• Fat (including interior), shortenings
• Fat varieties of poultry and meat (and skin)
• Egg
• Foods and dishes made with cocoa
• Avocados

the Product is recommended for use:
• Lean meats and poultry
• Any vegetables (without fatty dressings)
• Any fruit
• black Bread, grains, branny
• all cereals (with low-fat milk)
• Pasta from durum wheat
• low-fat and low-fat dairy products

The approximate distribution of ration

To your menu led to getting rid of the fat on the sides, it is necessary to consider the volume of those or other products.

Recommended the following allocation:
• Protein foods (meat, fish, cheese, etc.) – 150 g/day
• Vegetables – 300 g/day
• Fruits and fruit juice – 300 g/day
• Carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, bread, potatoes) – 150 g/day
• Skim milk – 250 ml/day
• Dry red wine – 1 serving for women and 2 for men.

Caloric intake should not exceed 1200-1500 kcal. Diet should combine with special exercises involving muscle problem areas.

How to keep the result?

With great difficulty achieving the desired result, do not want to part with it. To avoid such problems, in the diet of the diet for the sides must be the following food items.

1. Proteins in the amount of 175 g.

Preference is given to the following products:
• Fish (steamed, baked)
• Lean meats
• the Bird, freed from skin and fat
• Eggs – 2 pieces per week
• low-fat hard cheese – 100 g per week.
• Skim milk – 250-500 ml per day
• low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.

2. Fruits and vegetables is 350 g per day (without fatty dressings).

3. Carbohydrates 100 g

these include:
• Bread
• Rice – 50 to 75 gram per day
• Cereals – 25-50 grams per day.
• Pasta from durum wheat – 50-75 grams per day
• Potatoes boiled or baked (but without fat)

In moderation is valid for the following products:
• Milk puddings made with skim milk
• salad Dressings (low in fat)
• Milk or fruit ice-cream (but not butter)
• Pancakes cooked on the removed milk
• Nuts (in small quantity)
• Sauces made on the removed milk without adding butter
• Soups (except cream soups)
• Tea and coffee with skim milk or without it
• Natural juices (grape, orange, etc.)

Sugar on a diet for the sides is to substitute quality sweeteners. To improve the taste of dishes you can use herbs and natural seasonings.

the rate of alcohol — 1 serving per day for women and 2 for men. 1 serving is equal to a glass of dry wine, 100 ml fortified wine or 250 ml of light beer. Water to drink at any time and in any quantity (no health problems).

banned are the following products:
• butter, lard, shortenings and margarine
• Biscuits and cakes (excluding nonfat products)
• Dry and condensed milk, cream, fatty and processed cheese, fat cottage cheese
• Fat from meat, skin of poultry, fatty bacon
• Pates, smoked sausages, meat pies, etc.
• Canned goods (including any fish oil)
• Fried foods, but onions and mushrooms
• Coconut
• Nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts)
• Candy, chocolate, caramel, toffee,
• Fat mayonnaise and sour cream
• Marzipan
• Oil dips
• Avocados

If there was a breakdown (at the holiday table due to uncontrolled hunger pangs, etc.) you may want to reduce the number of products offered three times (for a day, no more).

In a fasting day rely on the following rules:
• Proteins 50 g
• fruits and Vegetables – 100 g
• Milk – 100 ml
• Carbohydrates – 50 g

Please note – hard cutting diet will benefit only in the case of short-term and occasional use, otherwise there is a high risk of problems with metabolism.

the Diet for the sides is a method of weight loss, built on the rejection of fat. The expediency of its use should definitely discuss it with your doctor.