Australian diet

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a Professional nutritionist from Australia Dr. Marusek has developed a balanced, but very low-calorie diet. It was her and was given a loud title – the Australian diet. However, there is another method of weight loss that bears the same name. For the sake of justice we will describe in our article each of the options.

Option number 1 (diet Dr. Barusco)

In this variant of the diet lasts 14 days, during which you can lose 7-9 pounds overweight. The average caloric daily intake is 1,200-1,500 kcal. The feeling of hunger is almost missing in most cases diet is easily tolerated and does not lead to breakdowns.

Diet menu

during the day you can eat the following fats (each option brings to the diet 140 calories)
• Unrefined vegetable oil – 3 tbsp
• low-fat mayonnaise – 1.5 tbsp
• Avocados – 0.5.
• Nuts – 30 g

Breakfast (250 calories) – one of the following:
1. Small fruit (except banana) 1 piece (as the option 20 g of dried fruit) and dry rolled oats – 50 g (or prepared cereal 1 tbsp.) and milk.
2. Small fruit (except banana) – 1 piece as well as egg – 1 PC. or cheese – 20 g.
in addition to any Breakfast: Toast – 1 piece with any of the allowed fat

Meal (440 kcal)
Grain bread – 60 g (as a variant of biscuits or savory crackers – 4 PCs.) with any of the allowed fat and chicken or lean beef – 60g with a large portion of salad without dressing.
in addition to lunch anything from the list below:
• Tuna, washed butter – 100 g
• Salmon – 70 g
• cheese – 30 g
• cottage Cheese – 100 g
• low-fat yogurt – 125 g
• Nuts – 25 g
• a Small fruit (except banana)
• Dried fruit – 20g

Dinner (360 calories)
Vegetable soup and vegetable salad no dressing, and low-calorie jelly, and any fruit.
in addition to the dinner, something from the following list:
• Boiled beef (100 g)
• Boiled chicken breast, freed from rind – 125 g
• Lean fish – 150 g
• Boiled potato – 1 PC.
• Beans – 200 g
• Boiled rice or pasta – 0.5 PT.
• a Slice of black bread with any fat allowed to use

Liquid diet diet Dr Borushek are:
• Tea
• Water
• Skim milk (not more than 1.5 tbsp.)

In between meals you can drink any liquid, and eat raw vegetables.

Option # 2 (Australian diet)

This diet is designed for 2 weeks. During this time, you can lose 5-6 kg.

the Products under the ban:
• Fruits
• Bread
• Pasta
• Cereals
• Starchy vegetables
• Milk
• Yogurt

you Can use the following products:
• Meat, fish and poultry
• Egg
• Vegetable oil
• non-starchy vegetables and greens

Sample menu

• Breakfast: scrambled eggs with lean ham and decaffeinated coffee and water
• Lunch: salad with small tomatoes, avocado (0.5 units) and boiled chicken meat, olive oil and water
• Dinner: lettuce stacked on it with steak and cucumber and mineral water

Due to the sharp restriction of carbohydrates and a small amount of calories from food, weight loss occurs fairly rapidly.

to eliminate any risk before diet be sure to check their health. In General any of the Australian diet enables you to lose weight without falling into a swoon hungry. Well, we wish you to quickly reach your ideal!