Diet with pyelonephritis

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Pyelonephritis is the most common kidney disease. This problem is a consequence of infection of the kidney tissue Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus or mixed flora (infection often spreads throughout the body through the bloodstream). Diet with pyelonephritis of the kidneys must take into account the nature of the disease (pyelonephritis can be acute or chronic).

Diet in acute pyelonephritis kidney

Acute pyelonephritis is characterized by fever and severe pain in the lumbar the hotel. In most cases, it requires hospitalization.

the First couple of days the patient is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (up to 2 liters per day).

• Herbal tea
• juice
• Weak sweet tea
• Compotes

you must Also enter in the diet of fruits and vegetables, providing a diuretic effect (courgettes, melons, watermelons, etc.).

Next 7-10 days (subject to alleviate symptoms) shows a vegetable and milk diet with restriction of salt (its maximum number is 4-6 grams per day). Please note, with concomitant disease hypertensive syndrome will have to reduce the amount of salt up to 2-4 g).

the Exclusion from the diet are:
• Canned food, snacks, pickles and smoked
• Sharp seasonings and spices
• Coffee
• Alcoholic and carbonated beverages
• Rich broth
• Mushrooms
• Beans
• Creams and cakes

To reduce intoxication, it is recommended to drink:
• a Decoction of rose hips
• fruit Drinks (especially useful cranberry)
• Fool
• fruit drinks
• Juice
• Tea (green and black light)
• Mineral water (Berezovskaya, Essentuki № 20, etc.)

the Total amount of fluid per day may reach up to 2 L.

during this period, menu to include:
• Dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.)
• Vegetables in boiled and mashed form
• Fruits rich in potassium (raisins, apricots, dried apricots, etc.)
• Flour groats and meal in moderation
• Salt-free white bread,
• Sugar (not more than 70 g)
• butter (30 g)

Power in case of pyelonephritis of the kidneys must be fractional. In severe cases of the disease salt can be completely eliminated from the diet. For cooking should be used only gentle ways (food boiled, steamed or stewed).

If the disease is accompanied by uremia, the amount of proteins of vegetable origin should be lowered to 25 grams per day. In this case, doctors recommend to increase the amount of glucose and sugar 150 g

Diet in chronic pyelonephritis kidney

This diet should adhere to in relieving symptoms of acute pyelonephritis, and chronic course of the disease.

the Exception shall be the same products as the first diet. The basis of the diet now consists of the following products and dishes:
• Fish, meat and poultry vegetable varieties (products from minced meat or boiled)
• Dairy and vegetarian soups (vegetable, fruit)
• Dairy and dairy products (you can use mild cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.)
• Grey and white bread yesterday's baking (preferably salt-free)
• Flour
• Eggs (1 piece a day)
• Small, well-boiled pasta
• Puddings
• Cereals
• Not refractory fats (it is not necessary to enter into the diet of mutton, beef and pork fats)
• Vegetables, raw and boiled (with the exception of cauliflower, radish, radish, onion and garlic)
• Herbs (except celery, lettuce, sorrel and spinach)
• Berries and fruits (strawberries, strawberries, pomegranates, and other varieties rich in iron)
• Gourds
• Honey, jam, sugar and some other sweets.

the sour Cream and cream in the diet of the patient should be limited. As condiments you can use dried herbs, lemon juice, cinnamon. Salt is already prepared dishes (you can use up to 6 grams of salt per day). The diet should be divided into 6 meals. Products you need to shred, to prepare from them mashed or seethe until soft. The drinks shown in the same range as in the first diet.

Please note – the meat must be boiled, chopped into small pieces. First the broth should drain and just re-Bay water to bring the meat until done. This will almost fully get rid of extractives.

Sample menu

Dishes, which is recommended to include in Breakfast:
• Milk porridge
• Stew
• Vegetable soup
• Egg
• Cheese
• cottage Cheese

• Sweet tea (with milk)
• Grain coffee with milk
• Yogurt

starters, which is recommended to include in lunch:
• Soups (dairy, fruit, vegetable, cereal)
• soup, cabbage soup, beetroot soup

main dishes, which are recommended to be included in the lunch:
• steamed meatballs
• Boiled meat, bird or fish
• Balls,
• Cabbage

• Cereals
• Casseroles
• Vegetable risotto
• Pasta
• Steamed or boiled vegetables

• Tea with lemon
• Jelly
• Compote
• Juice
• a Decoction of rose hips

the Meals that are recommended in the afternoon:
• Baked potato
• Baked apples
• Pureed fresh fruits

• Milk
• Juice
• Kefir or fermented baked milk.

Dishes, which is recommended to include in dinner:
• Pasta with a mild cheese
• Any dish of cottage cheese
• Potato zrazy
• Salad

• Milk
• Tea with milk
• Jelly or compote

Diet for pyelonephritis of the kidneys must be approved by your doctor – only in this case it will ensure a long-lasting improvement. Be healthy!