The Mayo clinic diet

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Description diet

Diet developed by the Mayo clinic, belongs to the category of balanced methods to normalize weight. It helps to rationalitat diet and change eating habits – this contributes to the food pyramid, developed by the specialists of the clinic. It is based on a useful low-calorie foods (whole grains, vegetables, fruits). They can eat up to saturation, so the slimming process is not accompanied by hunger.

First 2 weeks of the diet carry 3-5 kg (1st stage is called "Lose it!"). At the 2nd stage the rate of weight loss is somewhat slow out 0.5-1 kg per week. To maintain this diet is to achieve your ideal weight (the name of this stage is quite symbolic, "Live it!").

the specialists of the clinic offer to learn some useful food habits and to abandon the same amount of harmful food cravings. A prerequisite is regular physical exercise – at least an hour a day is given to sport, dance, walking. If time is short, 30 minutes is quite permissible to split into 2 stages classes for 15 minutes.

Stage # 1 diet

In the first phase of the diet focuses on proper eating habits. The opportunity to find out which of your eating habits you can keep and what you should refuse. The calorie count has no need, and low-calorie food you can eat at any time. The basis of the diet are vegetables, fruits, unrefined grains, vegetable oils.

you cannot use the following habits:
• eating while watching TV (a special prohibition applies to sweet)
• Use the recommended high-calorie food between meals (snacks can consist only of vegetables and fruits)
• Excessive consumption of fatty dairy and meat products
• eating out (allowed to only eat self-prepared food)

Additional measures: reading literature from the Mayo clinic and the journal weight loss.

Stage 2 diet

At this stage the specialists of the clinic offer to pick up the caloric intake at which weight will be slow to leave or remain at the same level. You will also need to understand what products need to do the calories. In General, this stage differs from 1 only able to break the regime. The duration of this stage is not limited by time.

a sample meal plan:
• Lean protein (including dairy products) – 3-7 times a day
• healthy fats – 3-5 times daily.
• Carbohydrates – 4 to 8 times a day (sweet – not more than 75 kcal/day)
• Fruit at least 3 times a day
• Vegetables – at least 4 times a day

Each portion of food volume should not exceed the size of a tennis ball or a deck of cards.

The benefits of a diet

the Mayo clinic Diet helps to normalize weight and keep the achieved results. It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, and is also the perfect scheme for the prevention and control of diabetes. It is also worth noting the General improving effect provided by the diet. Another advantage is the virtual absence of contraindications (if no serious illness, forcing to adhere to treatment tables).


the Mayo clinic Diet like a lot – this is due to the lack of a fixed menu (it should be focusing on the recommendations, taking into account their own food preferences). Weight loss occurs though slowly, but without stopping. This is an important factor, because the slower we lose weight, the more stable the result.