Diet Bunting

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The story of the diet

This method of weight loss allows you to lose weight not counting calories, which is very convenient. At the peak of the popularity brought it the person far from medicine and nutrition (William Banting doing business).

After 60 years, he suddenly started to gain weight — advice by eminent nutritionists and doctors have not helped him lose weight. In your quest to lose weight Banting breathing healthy air, doing water rowing, took mud and salt baths, but it also didn't help.

After strap weight exceeded 100 kg, William began to experience shortness of breath, it became difficult to move, there were problems with hearing and sleeping. The doctor just shrugged – they offered Bunting to put up, say, the age increase in weight — completely natural process.

fortunately, the way the hero of this article appeared in Dr. Harvey, who is familiar with the principles of metabolic processes. He suggested that the Bunting to revise your diet or give up your favorite baked goods and sweetened milk. The ban came potatoes, beer, sugar and other carbohydrate products.

the category of junk food was classified as animal fats and fried meals. The basis of the diet of Dr. Harvey's included protein and vegetarian food. Thanks received from the doctors recommendations, Banting managed to lose 30 kg weight loss and to regain lost health – the process took about six months.

Inspired by the success of Banting, wrote "Letter on corpulence", which outlined his experience, his work aroused a storm of interest, so the methodology and went down in history under the name "Banting diet".

Sample menu diet of Banting

diet Menu you can create yourself following the example. Recall: the basis of diet lies protein foods, complementary foods of plant origin.

• Breakfast: meat (beef, lamb) or fish boiled, a Cup of unsweetened tea and subtle toast
• Lunch: meat, poultry, or fish in boiled and non-starchy vegetables and a glass of dry wine
• afternoon Snack: unsweetened fruit, subtle toast and a Cup of unsweetened tea
• Dinner: 100 grams of meat or fish boiled and a glass of red dry wine

How effective is the diet of Banting? Specialists

After this diet achieve success, nutritionists began to debate on the topic: does the rejection of carbohydrates to sustained weight loss? There have been several clinical trials of nutritionists from the United States have revealed that strict adherence to the recommendations of the diet really helps to significantly reduce weight: for six months the volunteers who took part in the experiment, the average dropped to 10% of the original weight.

at the same time the effect of weight loss has been achieved and improve the health status of: in subjects of normal metabolism, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Thus, the relevance of adherence to this diet has been proven.

the nutrition plan was the basis for many diets. The Bunting up to the end of his days continued his fine form – this is the main proof of the effectiveness of his diet.