The beer diet

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Does beer lose weight?

Caloric content of the beer directly depends on the variety – light varieties have the lowest energy value (29 kcal/100 ml), and the dark – higher (53 kcal/100 ml). 100 ml non-alcoholic beer provides us with about 33 kcal. Moderate drinking beer, to recover is difficult – the main danger for the figures represent snacks. Beer has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system (if not abused). The drink cleans the blood of harmful cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels, has a positive effect on metabolism, strengthens the immune system, helps to remove sand and stones from the kidneys.

The essence of the diet

Beer diet for weight loss is based on the fact that a cold drink warms in the digestive tract to the required temperature, which forces us to spend quite a large amount of energy. The menu consists of a limited number of low-calorie food. 7 days of this diet you can lose up to 4 kg of excess weight.

Diet beer diet

Monday drink 5 tbsp. of non-alcoholic beer (200 ml) and eat about 100 grams of lean buckwheat. Tuesday is porridge eat 100 g boiled chicken meat (the beer remains the same). A liter of beer, add 100 g steam fish low-fat varieties. Thursday replace the fish boiled beef and do not forget to drink beer (the norm of the drink remains unchanged). On Friday, treat yourself to non-starchy vegetables and not very sweet fruit. Continue to drink beer (1 liter). In conclusion, I would have to give up any food – Saturday drink 1.5 liters of beer, and Sunday – 1.5-2 liters of water. Please note – during the diet should drink not just beer, but water. If it is difficult to get in working condition, can brew organic coffee. Sugar, salt and any fats in the diet are banned.

Side effects and contraindications

Beer benefits only if consumed in very moderate quantities. It is believed that beer should be drinking 2-5 times per week. The optimal rate for men – about 500 ml per day, and for women about 300 ml. Normal unfiltered beer can be somewhat increased. Do not get involved in canned beer – it contains harmful preservatives. Daily drinking a liter of beer can cause serious health kick (especially considering the lack of essential body nutrients – the diet is very limited). Beer increases appetite, so to withstand the diet is very difficult. This technique is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system. Drinking large amounts of beer leads to the appearance of edema. Daily beer ration can lead to the fact that the liver will no longer fully cope with its function of cleansing the blood and toxins begin to poison the blood (during the diet, you will feel malaise, weakness). Beer contains an analogue of female hormones (phytoestrogen) – daily drinking 2 glasses of beer man "rebuilds" the body to female fashion. Representatives of a strong half of mankind, there are signs of female type, in particular, is excess fat on the waist. Beer is not the best way affects the mucosa of the digestive tract. Often resorting to a beer diet, you can trigger the development of gastritis and other diseases. Vodka is isomorphic (alkaloid) is also an argument against the beer diet.


the Beer diet is not the best option weight loss methods. The reviews say that to withstand the diet to the end is very difficult – prevents constant hunger.