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the Doctor-nutritionist Kovalkov has written 2 books "losing Weight wisely" and "Victory over weight" (2012 and 2010 respectively). Both books are impressively informative – the author very well explains what is happening in our body, why we gain weight, says about the mechanisms of weight loss. In the books he refers to the actual ongoing research results in scientifically sound data.

Official website kovalkova

Official website ( implements the services of the clinic kovalkova. The site provides different weight loss programs. Services include diagnostics, weight management, body care.

The stages of the diet kovalkova

Diet kovalkova system is divided into 3 phases. The first of these is aimed at the preparation of the body, the second – directly on the weight gain, and the third is to consolidate the results. Also the author insists on the necessity of aerobic exercise – the best option he believes walking. Vegetables during the diet are encouraged to eat mostly raw. Meat and fish should be cooked in water or steamed. You can also bake them (roasting and deep-fried banned). Cereals need to brew with boiling water.

Stage # 1 for 2-4 weeks. During this time manages to lose about 5 kg of excess weight. Daily need to walk in a comfortable pace, gradually increasing the load (the end day will have to do at least 16 000 steps). It is necessary to abandon sources of "fast" carbohydrates, glycemic index of more than 60 (they provoke release of insulin). Cannot eat pastry, fast food, pastries, beets, carrots, etc. Eliminates the use of meat, poultry, fish. Sources of protein — egg whites (better to eat in the evening) and low-fat dairy products. For Breakfast you can treat yourself to nuts. It is useful to eat vegetables with a low GI. Daily rate of fat – about 30 g. Daily is supposed to make bran – their rate should gradually reach up to 100 g/day. Alcohol is excluded (you can drink only dry red wine – not more than 250 ml and only at dinner). Of sweets allowed honey and dried fruits. The fruit can be eaten only in the first half of the day (priority for apples). You need to eat 5 times a day. The size of the individual portions (you can neither starve nor overeat). The norm of free fluid – at least 4-5 article per day.

Phase 2 (main phase) continues until it reaches the desired weight. Weight is dropping steadily but not at a fast pace (100-200 g/day). The beginning of this stage, women should be confined to the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Definitely need to comply with diet and physical activity. Provides 5 meals. The diet should contain non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, radish, cucumbers, etc.). It is permissible to eat pine nuts, fruits and berries (citrus, apples, pears, cranberries). Useful to drink milk drinks. The optimal Breakfast: milled buckwheat bran and almonds, filled with a Cup of yogurt. To control the amount of macro - and micronutrients recommended to do a hair analysis. The lunch meal should log-protein foods (meat, fish, cheese, etc.). In the evening still need to eat egg whites. The norm protein – 70 g/day.

When there is to lose just 10% of their excess weight, to walking you need to connect the power load. Simultaneously, the menu should include cereals. If the weight ceases to decline, it is recommended for 1 day to increase calorie intake by increasing the proportion of complex carbohydrates. This "shake" should have 1 every 2-3 weeks. 1 per month is supposed to arrange unloading watermelons or rice.

Step # 3 completes the diet. It takes 12-18 months and allows you to fix the result. Weight training during this period is optional, but have a lot of walking. You must control the intake of fat and fast carbohydrates, but hard restrictions are not applied.


Diet kovalkova does not cause discomfort – this system makes it easy to lose weight and keep the result.