Diet Politseymako

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Michael politseymako – popular actor and popular TV presenter. It rapid weight loss just couldn't go unnoticed – went into oblivion 20 kg of extra weight helped the hero of this article to be transformed for the better. It is easy to understand that the diet politseymako began to enjoy increased interest. This was immediately used by fraudsters, promising to pay the SMS message to send "secret" technique. Mikhail Semenovich with great indignation have reacted to the fraud and asked his fans not to fall into the trap of false promises. Our article will reveal to you the true secret to weight loss politseymako.

Why Michael politseymako decided to lose weight?

we All know that extra weight adversely affect the health, causing the emergence of various diseases. Already to 33 years, the actor knew it was time to rethink their way of life and diet. In this he was helped by participation in the program "give your life". Contact with dieticians and doctors have suggested to our hero the way to solve the problem.

How thin Michael politseymako?

Mikhail Semenovich managed to pull myself together — he refused to bad habits and built my own method of recovery. The actor has excluded from its menu such products as:
• Sugar
• White bread
• Pastries
• Smoked
• Sausages
• Fatty foods and dishes
• Any foods high in artificial additives.

the basis of the diet politseymako now are:
• Lean meat and fish
• Seafood
• fruits and Vegetables (including the sweet variety)
• Honey (it has become an alternative not only to sugar, but so loved in the past confectionery products)

politseymako from now on is your diet only subject to the rules of food combining and regularly unloading fruits and vegetables.

Sport in the life of Mikhail politseymako

Mikhail Semyonovich you love to physical exercise, however, aware of the need to maintain muscle tone and he tries not to neglect them. The actor prefers long walks in the fresh air, as well as swimming and regular bike rides.

Now you know how thin Michael S. politseymako. His diet is a serious mistakes made in the past. Willpower helped our hero to achieve a good result, and you may follow the example of this strong man.