Diet for beauty hair

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Strong and beautiful hair is perhaps the most important element, forming a charming female image. Since the relationship between nutrition and hair condition is quite obvious, nutritionists developed a special diet for the beauty of hair. She is the subject of our article.

Diet diet for beauty hair

make your hair was caused only admiration should include in your diet foods rich in protein (it provides hair growth) and copper, contributing to the preservation of pigmentation. First of all, this:
• Poultry, fish and meat
• Seafood
• Eggs (especially the quail)
• Legumes
• Nuts

the Following are important hair is keratin. It contribute to the development of such products as:
• pumpkin Seeds and sunflower seeds
• Bread flour
• Unrefined vegetable oils (especially olive)

the Elasticity, strength and Shine is able to provide:
• seaweed
• Dairy products (yogurt, acidophilus milk, cottage cheese, etc.)

a Separate discussion deserve fresh fruit and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, invigorating even noticeably weakened hair. For example, the vitamin A contained in carrots, rose hips and green vegetables, helps prevent breakage and promotes hair growth. Vitamin E (it very much in a sweet pepper) eliminates free radicals and can even lead to the restoration of damaged hair. Contained in nettles and strawberries silicon prevents hair loss and contributes to their strengthening. Pantothenic acid, which many in colored cabbage, broccoli and beans makes hair soft and helps to maintain its natural Shine and color.

There is a list of foods that you must exclude from your diet and this:
• Animal fats
• Canned
• Pastries
• Salty, spicy and overly fatty foods
• Fast food

If the roots of the hair quickly garnaut is once a week to unload on fruits and vegetables or dairy products.

Original mini diets to strengthen the hair

1. In the morning after awakening and at night before sleeping, drink 1 tablespoon unrefined vegetable oil (olive, corn or sunflower)

2. Prepare oatmeal infusion and drink it in 100 ml 3-4 times a day. To do this, pour oatmeal (1 tbsp.) water (1 l), let stand 12 hours and strain through cheesecloth.

3. Huge Breakfast porridge prepared by the following recipe: cereal "Hercules" (6 tbsp) pour boiled water, cooled to room temperature, add honey and walnuts and let stand a few hours (the porridge can be cooked in the evening). In the morning, to the dish, add the grated Apple, chopped dried apricots, all berries and a couple tablespoons of natural cream.

4. To strengthen the hair prepare the infusion of fruits and leaves of sea buckthorn. To do this, 2 tbsp. l. raw pour 400 ml of boiling water, let stand for 12 hours, strain and drink 150 ml in the morning and in the evening (at night this infusion can be rubbed into the hair roots). Do not interfere, and the use of Seabuckthorn fresh.

do Not forget that one only a diet will not help to restore hair. You will have to choose the right tools for hair care, and if necessary, seek the advice of a specialist.