Diet for acne on face

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the Beauty of our skin directly depends on what we eat. This means that just be adjusted to the diet you can achieve a significant improvement in her condition. The best part is that hardship diet for acne face in our life brings the food must remain complete and balanced. To clean the skin and prevent problems in the future by adhering to simple guidelines. What we give in our article.

Causes of acne on the face

of Course, to argue that it's poor quality food, quite silly. Your contribution to the change in skin condition make following reasons:
• Hyperkeratosis (increased keratinization of the skin) – it usually occurs as a consequence of deficiency of vitamins A and B2 or excess of vitamins B6 and B12. In this case, the diet should be based on the need to remedy the lack of vitamins and the first to be reduced in the diet foods with an excess amount of the second.
• violation of the balance of lipids (fats). Most often, this process contributes to excess consumption of fatty foods and sweets. Diet in this case is intended to cut the portion of both and increase the amount of foods rich in fiber, vitamins, and proteins. However, the imbalance can trigger some diseases (dysfunction of the pituitary or the adrenal cortex, etc.). Therefore, when "greasy" skin does not prevent a complete examination of the body.
• Violation of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be triggered by some malfunction of the body, so it is best to visit a doctor. If health problems exist, you'll have to spend some time on the diet, designed to cleanse the bowel and entire body of toxins. In the future it is necessary to ensure that the diet was balanced and included a sufficient amount of fiber and fluid.
• Pimples may appear as a result of poor cleansing. In this case, besides using good cosmetic products for skin care recommended diet with a small amount of fat and a large amount of protein and fiber.

There are reasons that are difficult to correct by a simple change of diet. These include:
• hormonal disturbances (in adolescence, but also due to the use of hormonal preparations or refusal of them, etc.)
• genetic predisposition
• Receiving antiepileptic and anti-tuberculosis drugs
• Stress

Guidelines for preparation of diets

How many reasons, so many diets – so you can paraphrase the famous saying. However, General guidelines still exist.

1. Give up on the diet for acne from greasy foods and fried food. Preference for fats of vegetable origin – they are a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids
2. Unbalanced nutrition leads to metabolic disorders, therefore it is very important to observe the Golden mean, not allowing yourself to be abused in any element or, alternatively, ignore it completely
3. Give up on the diet for acne from semi-finished products and fast food, and "junk" food (it: chips, crackers, fast food, candy, etc.)
4. Take care entering the body with essential skin vitamins (A, b, PP, etc.). You can get them from plant foods, as well as from the liver, egg yolk, sour cream, brewer's yeast, meat, kidneys, etc.
5. Make sure that your diet was attended by all the important minerals (potassium, zinc, selenium, etc.). Gets their our bodies seafood, soy, nuts, sunflower seeds and many other products.
6. To support intestinal flora enter in your daily diet dairy products (yogurt, kefir, etc.)
7. With a lack in the diet of vitamins, minerals, fiber and beneficial bacteria fill in the blanks with the help of special drugs.
8. Don't lose sight of the sport on the diet for acne – it is in some measure allows to establish hormonal balance and metabolism in the body.

don't forget to cope with acne will help only a holistic approach. In addition, work on the improvement of the skin should continue for long enough (several months). Diet for acne on the face is only part of the work. So please be patient and don't give up hope.