Hypoallergenic diet

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When prescribed hypoallergenic diet?

Hypoallergenic diet is prescribed if there is suspicion of food Allergy. During exacerbation of the problem restrictive diet is recommended for 10 days. If it is necessary to identify the product, causing an acute immune system response in this specific case, then follow the diet for 2-3 weeks, removing from the diet for possible allergens and controlling the condition. Through this it is possible to determine the source of the problem. After the human condition, follow a diet, improves, previously excluded products can be gradually introduced into the diet, maintaining an interval of 3 days (it is known that an allergic reaction can occur immediately, but gradually). Taking into account the reaction of the organism is an individual elimination diet.

Characteristics diet

Diet is prescribed for allergies, has a physiologically complete diet. Provides chemical sparing of the gastrointestinal tract (no spicy food). The rate of salt is limited to 7 g per day. If the Allergy is accompanied by swelling, the rate of fluid also cut. Food is recommended to boil or cook for a couple. When cooking meat, fish and poultry broth drained 2 times and on 3rd time cook until tender. To eat is 6 times a day. The average caloric intake is 2800 calories. The amount of protein/carbs/fats — 90 g/400 g/80 g

Advice on nutrition

When dieting, you can eat veal and Turkey meat, and rabbit. Of fruit and vegetable preference remains for cabbage, zucchini, soaked in water, potatoes, cucumbers, pears, apples. You can eat porridge, boiled buckwheat, rice, oatmeal. Fats come from vegetable oils and butter. Useful to drink is not very fatty milk drinks – kefir, plain yogurt (homemade), fermented baked milk. It is recommended to cook the compote of pears and apples. You can drink non-carbonated mineral water, broth hips (weak), weakly brewed tea.

the Diet excludes fatty meats, sausages, canned food, smoked food, citrus fruits, pickles and marinades, fruit and vegetables red grapes. Can't drink coffee and alcohol (the latter though does not cause allergies, but enhances the effect of allergens on the human body). Excluded sweets (including honey and chocolate). It is impossible to enter into the diet foods, confectionery. Absolutely forbidden are fermented foods (cheese, sauerkraut, salted fish, etc.).

subject to Limit eggs, juices (especially made from carrots and citrus), chicken. Sugar in drinks can be added, but only in small quantities. An allergic reaction can cause the fish oil.

Diet for infants

If the baby is prone to allergies, but he is breastfed, then the diet needs to adhere to mom. At artificial feeding of the child is transferred to the use of special mixtures, where the protein of milk fermented. With the introduction of complementary foods to observe great caution. At the time of exacerbation of the problems any new products eliminate. In the future give the child mashed vegetables and different meals (not every day to enter into the diet of the same cereal – it increases the risk of allergic reactions).


Option # 1

Morning: 200 grams of cereals and 150 ml of surrogate coffee with milk
Snack: 50 g of boiled meat, slice of bread, coleslaw and baked Apple
Lunch: vegetable soup, 100 g of boiled meat, vegetable soup, cucumber and a slice of bread
Dinner: baked cottage cheese pudding, jelly from apples.
At night: kefir

Option # 2

Morning: wheat vegetable porridge, apples and weak tea.
Snack: steam beef patties, coleslaw and weak tea
Lunch: a light vegetarian soup with sour cream, macaroni and the minced boiled meat, fruit decoction
Dinner: salad of boiled vegetables, stale bread and tea


Hypoallergenic diet, tailored to the individual reaction of the body, helps to gradually cope with the Allergy attack. Menu is recommended to choose, consult your physician.