Nutty diet

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Nut diet is based on a variety of foods in the menu can be different types of nuts, but also fruits, vegetables, meat, fish. What nuts can be eaten during the diet? In principle, all types. You can pay attention to Brazil nuts (100g of product contains 703 calories). This kind of nuts helps to remove excess cholesterol, normalizes the concentration of sugar in the blood, increases energy. Walnut is widely known. 100 g provides 700 kcal. This nut improves the work of blood vessels of the brain, cleanses the body from free radicals. Is of interest and cashews (633 kcal/100g) – this kind of nuts improves the immune system, normalizes cardiovascular system. The following is the position of almonds (694 kcal/100g). This product helps to cleanse the body, improves kidney, liver and gall bladder. In diets may be present hazelnuts (707 kcal/100g) – it improves brain activity, normalizes the condition of blood vessels, a beneficial effect on the excretory system. One should not lose sight of pistachios — 100 g of nuts provides 610 kcal. This product increases energy, improves intestines work.

The options of diet on nuts

typically, a nut diet does not take much time – long enough to eat a fat product is simply unwise.

Option # 1 (fasting days)

1-2 days a week you can devote unloading. During the day eat several servings of any nuts (the daily rate of this product – 100 g). To Supplement the diet with only water and green tea without sugar. Weight loss of 0.5 – 1 kg.

Option # 2 (nuts, fish, meat and vegetables)

This diet is designed for 3 days. It includes 100 g fish fillet and white meat poultry, and 50 g of nuts, cucumbers (1-2 pieces) and tomatoes (1-2 PCs). To Supplement the diet is water and tea. All 3 day diet you cannot use salt, sugar, animal fats (vegetable fats are present in nuts). Weight loss – 1-2 kg.

Option # 3 (nuts, fish, meat, vegetables, dairy drinks)

This diet allows you to eat the same products as in the previous version of the diet. The menu is complemented by fermented beverages (1 tbsp. per day). The duration can be increased up to 5 days. Weight loss is 2-3 kg.

Option # 4 (nuts and fruit)

This diet is designed for 3-4 days. When choosing fruits, you should pay attention to the sour-sweet varieties. In the morning drink 1 tbsp. freshly squeezed juice (e.g., grapefruit). 2 hours 2 eat any fruit and a few nuts. After 2 hours snack on nuts. Then, repeat menu (juice, fruit + nuts, nuts). Daily allowance of nuts should not exceed 100 g throughout the day you should drink 8 cups of water. Weight loss in 3 days – 1-2 kg.


Nutty low-calorie diet is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of the main product, but also in case of pathologies of the liver and the digestive tract.


a Diet based on nuts – quite a controversial way of losing weight. Nuts are very nutritious, besides some people they can cause serious allergic reaction.