Diet for thrush

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Candidiasis (popularly called thrush) develops as a result of active reproduction of opportunistic yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Normally, they are present on the skin and mucous membranes of man, but the discomfort did not cause. The imbalance of beneficial and pathogenic microflora develops under some predisposing factors.

these include:

  • the Use of antibiotics for a long period
  • Abuse of sweets and flour products
  • Susceptibility to stress
  • the Displacement reaction of the internal environment in the acidic side (normal is considered slightly alkaline reaction)
  • Hormone therapy

Candidiasis, contrary to popular belief, is not the destiny of women only is the fungus can develop both on the skin (superficial candidiasis), and on the mucous membranes – in the mouth (often found in young children), in the intestine, on the genitals. Candidiasis in women symptoms such as pain during sexual intercourse, cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor, itching. Diet for thrush in women and diet candidiasis any other type are no different. The main principle is the rejection of products that provide the fungi feeding, namely, sugar and yeast.

What foods should not be consumed?

Put the diagnosis of "thrush", the doctors offer their patients to abandon the semi-finished products, fast food, yeast. Will have to forget about the beer, products from wheat flour, all kinds of sweets (sugar, honey, candy, chocolate, sweet lemonade). It is necessary to limit the proportion of fruit – completely to exclude sweet varieties (mangoes, bananas, etc.). Sweet and sour fruits to enter into the diet, but in small amounts (literally a few pieces a day). If there is a worsening of the candidiasis, then fruits need a while to completely give up. Excluded are so-called hidden sugars: lactose (present in milk), glycogen (a substance present in the liver of animals and birds). Excludes alcoholic beverages, cheeses, vinegar, sauces, smoked products, canned food, salted fish. It is not recommended to drink strong coffee and tea.

What can I eat with a yeast infection?

Diet is prescribed for thrush implies a varied diet. Should not every day to eat the same foods. In the cold period of time does not prevent to take care of additional intake of vitamins and minerals. The diet should contain vegetables, lean meats (beef, veal, without fat and chicken without skin), eggs, seafood (squid, shrimp, etc.). It is useful to eat fish (cod, salmon, sardines, mackerel, etc.). It is recommended to drink plenty of unsweetened fluids. The priority is still water, do not forget also about herbal teas, green tea. Vegetables can be eaten fresh and after heat treatment. Preference for varieties, having in its composition a large quantity of fiber. Starchy vegetables (corn, potatoes, legumes) should be limited. It is quite possible to cook frozen vegetables. We should not exclude from the diet of porridge, cooked in water. Occasionally permissible to use puff pastry. You can enter in the diet of fermented milk drinks and a small amount of butter. When cooking it is recommended to use vegetable oil.


Diet for thrush helps quickly alleviate symptoms. However, practice shows that a change of diet is not enough – you must use a special antifungal agents.