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Diet from Mila Gritsenko has earned wide recognition, first and foremost, based on an illustrative example. Mila, according to her confession, always been chubby, but never really worried about it. The problem worsened after the birth – with a growth of 155 cm Mila was to weigh 82 kg. It is not slow to affect the health of women, that pushed her to think about losing weight. On the way to a good figure Mila tried vacuum massage, different mono and special tools (tablets, teas). None of the methods did not provide the desired result. Then the heroine of this article decided to create a method of weight loss, which led her to success. Mila had lost 36 kg and was weighing 46 kg. success inspired the Mila to the creation of a private Studio weight loss.

Diet diet

every day you're supposed to drink 8 tbsp. of pure water (beverages not included). Immediately after waking up you need to use 1 tbsp. of life-giving water. After eating you can drink not sooner than after 30-40 minutes. The second Breakfast and afternoon tea are the same for all days (we offer alternate products at its discretion). You can eat: 100 g of cottage cheese; 0.5 Cup of yogurt; 10 PCs nuts; fruit or vegetable (1 piece). Complement the meal with water (2 tbsp.). Dinner (excluding day of discharge) must consist of protein (100 g) and vegetables (100 g).


First day of the diet Mila recommends devoting unloading. Fasting days can be devoted to both protein and carbohydrate products. Carbohydrate unloading is based on 1.5 kg of watermelon pulp, apples, vegetables, oranges (one of the options to choose from). Also you can eat pineapples, but provision will be reduced to 1.2 kg. Fruits or vegetables should be divided into 6 portions and spread evenly over the whole day (8.00-20.00).

Protein unloading is based on meat, fish, cheese, dairy products. Select one of the following: 600 g curd average fat, 2 liters of pure water and 2 tbsp. unsweetened tea; 600 g of cottage cheese minimal fat, 1-2 tbsp sour cream and 2 tbsp. of the infusion of rose hips; 2 tbsp. of broth hips and tea, 350 g of lean meat and some green vegetables, 2 l of water, 2 tbsp. of broth hips and 400 g of lean meat or lean fish; skim milk or low fat yogurt (1.5 l).


For Breakfast, eat 100 g of fruit and cottage cheese, 10 g walnuts, 1 tsp of honey. At lunch allow yourself 100 g diet of pasta and vegetables (100 g). Pasta can be flavored with 1 tsp. of tomato paste.


For Breakfast, eat a steam scrambled eggs (2 protein, 1 egg yolk, 20 g of cheese, vegetables, some seafood). Portion weight 200 g. At lunch, prepare a dish of fish or chicken breast (100 g) and vegetables (100 g).


For Breakfast, prepare the cheese mixture (2 tsp of honey, fruit and 100 g of cottage cheese). Dining meal consists of eggs, squid, cucumber (portion weight 200 g).


in the Morning, prepare a steam omelette (crab sticks – 3 pieces, and a pair of yolk proteins). For lunch, bake chicken (marinate 100 g of meat in a mixture of yogurt, water and chopped greens). Complete the meal with vegetables (100 g).


have Breakfast curd with fat content no more than 5% (about 100 g). Sweeten it with honey (2 tsp), season with sour cream (2 tsp), you can add pieces of fruit. At lunch, prepare a chicken with a sauce of low-fat cottage cheese, greens and garlic (to desired thickness bring, diluted with boiled water). Garnish eat 100 grams of vegetables.


again, the day will be devoted to the unloading.


Mila Gritsenko Diet really helps to lose weight – this is confirmed by numerous reviews. The main disadvantage of this technique is poor diet.