The system of Dr. Mercola

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The essence of weight loss

Dr. Merkel posits his method "Paleolithic diet" because it thinks that food is to eat as natural as possible, preferably not subjected to any treatment products. Also, according to doctors, a diet should only be based on metabolic principles, designed by William Walcott. This should lead not only to normalize weight, but also to the improvement of the body, and therefore and longevity.

Diet diet

Joseph Mercol recommends to include in the menu the following list of products:
• organic milk (without heat treatment) and fermented dairy products (kefir, yogurt, etc.)
• Fresh vegetables and juices from them
• Salmon, grown in a natural environment
• Ostrich
• Beef (he recommends the meat of animals reared on grazing)
• Raw eggs
• cod liver
• Vegetable oil extra virgin
• Coconut oil
• Crude salt

Products, which excludes the power supply system (doctor, for some reason, all of them belong to the category of "croup"):
• Pasta
• Bread
• Potatoes
• Rice
• Pastries
• Flour, and any starchy products

Merkel believes that wheat and other cereals appeared in the human diet much later than the "right" foods – cream, meat, etc. fortunately, these products is completely eliminate from the diet only during weight loss, and in the future will have to strictly limit their number in the daily menu.

Dangerous or just do not carry the benefit products:
• Soya and products with her participation
• Artificial sweeteners
• Pasteurized milk and omogenizarea
• Some varieties of fish (due to possible content of mercury)
• TRANS fats (such as corn and canola oil)
• Sugar
• Starches
• Cereals
• Fruit juice
• Canned and artificial products.
• Semi-finished products

To honor Dr. it is worth noting that he has developed many original recipes, which are designed to facilitate the transition to the right, in his opinion, the food (with the guidance of his book can be prepared crackers, pancakes, and muffins from nut, a cocktail of coconut milk, rolls with lettuce and other Goodies).

Stages of weight loss program:
• the First stage lasts only three days – this time from the diet completely excludes cereals
• In the second stage to work on improving forms connected physical exercises and special food supplements and training in the formation of the psychological mood
• the third step is the consolidation of results and support weight at the achieved level (it continues for the rest of my life, actually becoming a model of proper nutrition)

Power is adapted to the speed of assimilation products. It is believed that each person's metabolic processes are strictly individual.

identified the following metabolic principles:
• Protein
• low Carbohydrate
• Mixed

will Help to determine your type is only a specialist who knows the basics of the teachings of Willyama Walcott.

Merkel believes that effective weight loss can only be achieved with the right attitude. It offers a technique of psychological acupuncture, the so-called "emotional freedom Technique" (TPP). It combines massage of bioactive points located on the head with the self that allows you to create a positive attitude to yourself and to your body.

The nutritionists

the Adherents of mainstream nutrition do not accept many of the statements Dr. Mercola. This applies in particular to cereals – cereals often form the basis of the diet diets and to nutritionists, bring the body to a benefit. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats increases the risk of heart disease. Use egg whites in their raw form often leads to digestive disorders. But raw milk can easily be "reward" enough serious diseases (is brucellosis, tuberculosis, etc.).

on the one hand, the system of diet Dr. Mercola gives very sound recommendations – it is unlikely that someone will challenge the use of fresh, natural ingredients. Unfortunately, modern life has managed to make his adjustments in all products, so their original quality and purity can only dream of. Undoubtedly, some of the recommendations of this methodology can be useful, however, in General, to call it perfect is very difficult.