Diet sauerkraut

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a Diet based on sauerkraut is the prevention of vitamin deficiency — using this simple product you will provide the body with vitamins C, K, group B. Lactic acid bacteria caused fermentation, improve the digestive tract. Diet regulate fat metabolism. Thanks to sauerkraut, it is possible to cleanse the body of toxins and excess cholesterol. The high concentration of fiber helps to control the appetite. The calorie content of the product is small — only 24 kcal/100 g Diet sauerkraut has a few options.

Diet for weight loss for 1-2 days

This diet severely restricts the diet, so stick it should be no longer than 2 days. Weight loss in 1 day – 0.5 kg.

Option # 1

the Menu for the day: 3 servings of sauerkraut, rye toast, unsweetened herbal tea, water, apples (2-3 PCs)

Option # 2

the Menu for the day: 2 servings of sauerkraut, 150 g fish, rye toast unsweetened herbal tea, water, yogurt a minimum fat content of (1 tbsp.), apples (2-3 PCs)

Three-day diet

This diet for weight loss carries 1.5-2 kg. you Can select one of the options.

Morning: 1 tbsp. drinking yogurt, 2 tbsp rolled oats and 250 g of the fruit mixture or rye toast, soy meat, parsley and sauerkraut brine
Lunch: pancakes made from grated potatoes, 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut and eggs or 40 g of lean ham and salad made of sauerkraut, carrots, Apple
Evening: a dish made from vegetables, sour cabbage and fish or soup based on sauerkraut
Snacks: cabbage (preference for sour product, but you can eat fresh cabbage)
Liquid diet: tea, water, natural juices, diluted with water

Four day diet

This diet allows you to lose 2-3 kg. sample menu:

Breakfast: watercress, 30 g of whole-wheat bread, low-fat cottage cheese – 150-170 g, mineral water
Lunch: 100 g boiled lean meat, braised cabbage with onions, carrots and hard pears, tea
Dinner: salad made of sour cabbage (you can add radish or white radish, cucumber, 1 tsp ground nuts)


Abstain from this diet if you have hypertension. This technique should not be used at high acidity of gastric juice. It is completely contraindicated in renal insufficiency, and also in pathologies of the pancreas. Poosteregsya to resort to the diet in the presence of stones in the gallbladder.


the Diet of sauerkraut for weight loss is easily tolerated and does not cause major discomfort. Weight loss is relatively small, but stable.