Diet for psoriasis

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Why there are psoriatic plaques on the skin? In healthy people, the skin is refreshed with an interval of 24-28 days, but in psoriasis this process is accelerated in 6-7 times. Because of such failure on the body are formed itchy and reddish areas that are covered by whitish scales. Psoriasis affects the scalp, lower legs, lower back. Psoriatic plaques are often located on the elbows and knees. Sometimes the problem affects even the nails and mucous membranes. To smooth the symptoms of psoriasis are used various methods – is crucial to the proper care of body and diet (some foods cause the appearance of itchy areas on the body). Diet prescribed for psoriasis should be respected at all times, since the slightest violation of the food regime leads to a relapse of the disease.

Guidelines for preparation of diet for psoriasis

Elimination diet

sorry, still not created by common to all types of psoriasis diet that would help everyone. Most often, doctors recommend elimination diet (a diet that involves step-by-step exclusion of "dangerous" foods from the diet). In the first place excludes products, which, according to the observations of the patient, cause him aggravation of psoriasis. It is advisable to make a diet, consulting the doctor (not all products can be completely removed from the diet). As a rule, development of an individual diet is time consuming and requires maintaining a food diary, but fails to achieve lasting improvement.

The acid-alkaline diet

There is an opinion that the worsening of psoriasis is provoked by the violation of the right balance salaciously and acid foods. The ideal is a ratio of 2:1. In this case, the diet should also be individualized.

an Alkaline reaction provide fruit juices and fresh fruit, but here there are exceptions. You need to limit the amount of certain berries (in the first place is cranberries, prunes, currants, blueberries). Grapes (white, red) you need to eat with care. Fresh apples of all varieties, bananas and melons are contraindicated to mix with any other food. Alkaline support and vegetables. Patients are advised to eat broccoli, all the parts of the celery, parsnips, carrots and onions (onions and shallots). You can eat cucumbers, garlic, olives, pumpkin, green beans, asparagus. It is useful to enter into the diet of zucchini and different types of cabbage (limited only to Brussels sprouts). It is recommended to enter into the diet products, the inflow of calcium (for example, raisins and sesame seeds). Useful drinking alkaline mineral water. Don't forget that alkaline supported physical exercise and positive emotions. When cooking you can use any method except roasting.

Acidic provide harmful addictions – Smoking, alcohol abuse. It increase meat, cheese, sugar, potatoes, dried peas, beans, butter, margarine, cream, sausages, starch, sweets, vinegar and yeast. The maximum excludes products that contain preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes. Major restrictions are subject to the seafood. Dairy products should not be excluded, but the priority are those that contain a low percentage of fat. Twice a week, you can enter into the diet of lamb, chicken, Turkey, chicken, low-fat poultry. Do not forget about the fish.


Diet for psoriasis really helps to alleviate symptoms and to prevent relapse. To Supplement the program with a course of enemas, as well as sorbents with Enterosgel, Laktofiltrum, Polyphepanum.