Diet 6 kas

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the Dubious result of many new-fangled diets is not worth the harm they cause to our body. Fortunately there are techniques of losing weight, the fault which is almost impossible. One of them is highly popular diet 6 kas. Let's find out what it is.

Briefly about the benefits of kas

Oatmeal has long been one of the main dishes of our national cuisine, and this is not surprising. Any mess can quickly get rid of hunger while providing the human body with the required amount of energy. Practically each of the grains is a source of fiber, an important element removes from the body toxins and wastes and also allows to control the absorption of fats coming from food.

as part of any cereals in one way or another consists of useful carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Each cereal provides a very special effect. For example, oats helps to normalize cholesterol levels, wheat has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation and the rice removes toxins and provides the body with essential trace elements.

Diet and diet menu

Diet porridge lasts exactly a week. Repeat in a month (but it is better to stick to once every six months). Salt and sugar in the diet are eliminated from the diet completely.

Before the diet is necessary to cleanse the bowel (this will help mild laxatives and enemas). During the diet you will also need to do enemas (every other day).

Cereals are eaten in a specific order:
1. Wheat porridge
2. Millet cereal
3. Oatmeal
4. Rice cereal
5. Barley porridge
6. Barley porridge
7. A mixture of all the above cereals

How to cook porridge?

To prepare the porridge washed rump pour water (ratio 1:3), put on fire, bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes. After that ware remove from fire, wrap a towel and leave to infuse (10-12 hours). The last day cook it in the same way, but mix together all the cereals (2 tbsp). Please note — a mess to add anything.

Food rules

How to eat while on a diet 6 kas? It's very simple. After waking up on an empty stomach drink a glass of hot enough boiled water and half an hour later proceed to the morning meal. In your daily menu will include cereal, recommended to eat in a given day, as well as any of the allowed foods and beverages (vegetables, fruits, juices, yogurt, tea, and water). Porridge eat at the first sign of hunger, but the rest of the products especially do not get carried away.


Diet 6 kas safe and the only downside is the absolute tastelessness of the main dishes (not everyone can daily use of fresh porridge). However, the result is worth the sacrifice – according to the reviews a week you can get rid of 3 to 7 kg of excess weight.