Oat diet

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The benefits of a diet

Hercules contains amino acids, vitamins A, b, K, E, C, PP, N. In cereals a lot of silicon, fluorine, iron, iodine and other minerals. Porridge made from rolled oats useful in the gastro-intestinal diseases, because it contains a mucous substance enveloping wall of the stomach and intestines. Oats reduces bad cholesterol, a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. What is the use of Hercules for the shape? The percentage of starch in the grain reaches 60% — carbohydrates provide us with energy, help to maintain a feeling of satiety, which is important during the passage of a low calorie diet. 100 g of Herculean porridge, cooked in water, provides 84 calories. Action diet aimed at gradual weight loss.

The recipe of porridge

Diet for Hercules is available in several versions, but in any of them porridge should be prepared with the observance of certain rules. A single portion of porridge prepared from 2 tbsp of cereal. They need to be put in a bowl, pour a partial Cup of boiling water, cover and let stand. When you prepare diet cereal you can't use the milk, salt, sugar, seasoning, oil.

A strict diet

This variant of the diet is 7 days. You need to eat fractional, the last meal – not later than 18.00. The norm of a free liquid – 2 l (you can drink water and unsweetened teas). Loss of weight: 4-5 kg.

the Days of No. 1...No. 3: only cereal (4-5 servings), water, tea
the Days of No. 4... No. 7: cereal (4-5 servings), apples (0.5-1 PC. to each batch of cereal), water, tea.

the First days of the diet is very challenging – if you find it hard to withstand them, add the menu, green leafy vegetables – calorie, they are almost not increase, but will dilute the menu and improve peristalsis.

Light diet

the duration of the diet for 5-7 days, weight loss 2 to 4 kg. Liquid diet remains the same. The range of products several extends.

the First meal: cereal with added grated Apple and a small amount of raisins, herbal tea
Snack: low-fat natural yogurt or a baked Apple
Dinner: porridge, 1 tsp. honey, low-fat yogurt
dinner: a salad of Apple and carrot with 1 tsp. honey
Dinner: porridge, skimmed milk (1 tbsp.), grated Apple (you can add in the menu a little nuts)
Before going to bed: green tea

Simple diet

This version of the diet can last 7-14 days, because it contains all the essential nutrients. Average weight loss 2 kg per week.

Sample menu

Breakfast: oatmeal, vegetable salad, coffee
lunch: half grapefruit or Apple
Lunch: half portion of vegetable soup, rye toast, 100 grams of boiled chicken, leafy vegetables, tea
afternoon Snack: yogurt
Dinner: fish baked in foil (150 g), a portion of Herculean porridge, anything from vegetables


Hard oat diet is not a balanced weight loss techniques, so to prolong it for too long or repeat more than 1 time in 4 months is contraindicated. It is impossible to resort to the diet during exacerbation of any chronic disease, as well as in the period when the immune system is weakened (such as after a viral disease). Absolute contraindications include peptic ulcer disease.


Oat diet provides a good plumb line, but not everyone likes. The fact that unsalted porridge very specific taste – it is well saturates, only to eat it is not desirable. But if you have the strength to withstand such a diet, you won't regret it as not only lose weight but also will notice improvement of the skin and normalization of the bowel.