Diet and fasting Malakhov

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Diet diet

Diet Malakhov lasts a week and during this time, you can get rid of 2-4 kg weight loss. The main drawback of this technique is the commitment to a clear time frame – it is difficult to respect those people that spend most of their daylight hours spend at work.

Please note the following recommendations:
1. Included in diet diet, dairy products should have a minimal fat content.
2. For salads, use the sauce, consisting of lemon juice (need 1 lemon) and olive oil (1 tsp).
3. Throughout the day you should drink plenty of clean water, herbal infusions, tea "hibiscus", the decoction of rose hips and compote of dry apricots (no sugar added).

Products, under a complete ban:
• Beets
• Potatoes
• Carrots
• Legumes
• Sugar

Food is consumed according to the schedule. Meals:
• 7: 30 am
• 8.00
• 10.00
• 11.00
• 13.00
• 15.00
• 17.00
• 19.00
• 19.30

Sample menu diet Malakhov

the first Day
• Kiwi (2 PCs)
• Oatmeal with milk
• low Fat yogurt and tea (coffee)
• Apple (1 piece)
• lettuce Leaves with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice
• Cheese (2 slices), boiled chicken breast (80 g) and steamed cauliflower (100 g)
• Pear (1 PC.)
• Cabbage broth (250 ml)
• Steam scrambled eggs and low-fat cheese

Day two
• Orange (1 piece)
• Buckwheat
• Toast with unsweetened jam, and tea (coffee)
• Apple (1 piece)
• Boiled fish (100 g)
• Vegetables fresh and stewed, and cheese
• Pear (1 PC.)
• Cabbage broth (250 ml)
• low-fat cottage cheese, bio yogurt and lettuce leaves with sauce.

Day three
• fresh juice, diluted with water (1:1)
• Oatmeal with milk
• low-fat cottage cheese and tea (coffee)
• Apple (1 PCs.)
• Boiled beef (100 g)
• Vegetables fresh and stewed, and low-fat hard cheese (2 slices)
• Almonds (3 pieces), walnut (3 PCs.), walnut (1 EA.)
• Cabbage broth (250 ml)
• Cauliflower, baked with cheese and bio yogurt

Day four
• Tangerines (2 PCs.)
• Barley porridge in milk
• Slice of bread with bran, nonfat yogurt and tea (coffee)
• Apple (1 piece)
• Boiled squid (100 g)
• Braised eggplant, lettuce and a couple slices of cheese
• Prunes and dried apricots (4 PCs.)
• pizza
• Vegetables boiled and cheese

Day five
• Kiwi (2 PCs)
• Oatmeal with milk
• Toast with unsweetened jam and tea (coffee)
• Apple (1 piece)
• Boiled chicken breast (100 g)
• lettuce, and steamed cauliflower (100 g) and low-fat yogurt
• Pears
• Cabbage broth
• low-Fat cottage cheese and tomatoes, baked with low-fat cheese

Day six
• Orange (1 piece)
• Buckwheat
• Bread with bran (1 slice), low-fat yogurt and tea (coffee)
• Apple (1 PCs.)
• Vegetables, steamed
• Boiled fish (100 g), green salad and a slice of cheese
• Almonds (3 pieces), walnut (3 PCs.), walnut (1 EA.)
• Omelet prepared with the addition of a small amount of mushrooms
• lettuce and steamed vegetables

the seventh Day
• Apples (1.5 kg) – they should eat divided into 6 equal servings

Fasting Malakhov

Malakhov believes that for effective weight loss is not enough to adhere to only one diet diet a great contribution to this process is made by fasting.

Gennady Petrovich preaches 3 ways of fasting:
• the Classic way (during the day you can drink the water)
• an Unconventional way (for the day is to drink your own urine)
• Dry method (during the day can not only eat, but to drink anything)

According to the hero of our article, the greatest effect can be achieved only by combining all these methods together (the first day is devoted to "dry" fasting, then you can drink urine, but to complete the cycle better than a classic fasting).

There are certain rules which should adhere to to begin fasting on Malakhov.

1. To start the process is with the composition of laxative and enemas.
2. The lack of food is not exempt from physical activity – every day should be a walk in the fresh air, passing through a sufficiently large distance.
3. For purification of effluent through the mucosa and through the skin of daily toxins is to take a shower, and before each meal need to be sure to rinse your mouth.
4. It is very important during fasting to carry out massage of the limbs and abdomen (for Malakhov, using urine).

whether to stick to a diet or fasting on Malakhov – decide. The opinion of official medicine is clear – many of the statements of Gennady Petrovich denied any grounds and can cause serious injury.