Coffee diet

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The benefits of a diet

Why is the diet coffee helps to lose weight? The secret of the success of this technique is based on several properties of coffee beans. First, coffee suppresses appetite – drinking a few cups of tea, you can reduce the caloric daily intake by about 300 kcal. Second, the coffee speeds up metabolism and therefore helps burn body fat. Thirdly, the drink helps to eliminate excess fluid, which also affects the result of diet. Coffee beans consist of antioxidants, organic acids and vitamins. The caloric value of 100 ml unsweetened beverage is 6-9 kcal.

Diet coffee with milk

Option # 1 (1-2 days)

throughout the day you should drink several cups of coffee with milk and eat up to 80 g of black chocolate (divide it into several portions). Drink water no sooner than 3 hours after chocolate. Weight loss – 1 kg per day.

Option # 2 (7 days)

weight Loss is 5-8 lbs. Sugar, alcohol, carbonated beverages, fatty foods in the diet are excluded. Menu every day is the same for products.

Breakfast: coffee and low fat milk (1:1)
Lunch and dinner: coffee with milk, meat or fish boiled (150 g), toast, fresh vegetables (200 g), green Apple or other sour-sweet fruit
3 hours before bedtime: herbal tea

Balanced diet for 7 days

Diet helps you to lose weight by 2-4 kg. Sugar, alcohol, animal fats are excluded. All the days the Breakfast consists of a Cup of unsweetened green or black coffee. On Tuesday, you can add in the diet of toast, and on Friday — carrot salad with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Coffee is also need to drink at lunch. If the drink does not cause you insomnia, you can use it for dinner, otherwise replace with herbal teas or water.

Lunch: boiled eggs, salad vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, herbs and butter)
Evening: fish baked in foil (150-200 g), salad with cabbage and greens

Dinner: fish baked in foil (150-200 g), cabbage salad and green
Evening: yogurt, 200 grams of beef, boiled.

Lunch: salad of carrots (best to use a boiled root vegetable), boiled egg
Evening: apples (fresh or baked)

Lunch: apples, fresh vegetable salad with parsley
Evening: 200 gr beef, boiled egg, cabbage salad

Lunch: fish (up to 400 g) can be boiled or baked in foil, tomato juice
Evening: fish (200 g) – can be boiled or baked in foil, coleslaw

Lunch: Chinese cabbage salad with greens and vegetable oil, 200 g of boiled chicken
Evening: boiled eggs, salad of grated raw carrots

Lunch: boiled beef (200 g), green Apple
Evening: menu of any dinner


Coffee diet, including the menu more than 3 cups of tea, may lead to symptoms such as headache and dizziness. This technique should not be used in cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, peptic ulcer, increased nervous excitability, sleep disorders.


Diet coffee like to those who sincerely loves flavored drink. This technique is good that is not accompanied by a hungry urge.