Diet Beyonce

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Beyonce is a dancer, model, singer and producer. She does not want to lose weight to model parameters and stands out against skinny stars appetizing forms. Nevertheless, over weight, she still follows — in our article diet Beyonce is available in several versions.

Vegan diet Beyonce

The vegan diet beyoncé has launched not one, but in company with Jay-Z. This technique they decided to devote 22 days. It is believed that such a period allows the body to "reset" the old eating habits and form new ones. A vegan diet excludes any food and any drinks that have at least some relevance to the world of animals. The food can be consumed only the gifts of the earth. Nutritionists do not support the decision of the singer and saying that the sharp transition to veganism can lead to very unpleasant consequences (we need to abandon animal food gradually, then the transition will be most secure). However, the star of happy – in a week after starting the diet, she showed her fans absolutely flat tummy. If you decide to follow the example of the singer, ready to eat vegetables and fruits (5-6 servings a day), cereal (3-4 servings daily), legumes, nuts, mushrooms (1-2 servings per day).

Diet lemonade

This diet is not an invention of Beyonce – it was used even before the star appeared to light. However, it was the name of this star is associated with this system of losing weight. Diet excludes any food – energy supply provides lemonade (1.5 l) cooked to a special recipe. At night, in order to avoid problems with a chair, you need to take a laxative.

To prepare fat burning drink mix 1.5 l of water, lemon juice, a little maple syrup (1-2 tbsp), ground Cayenne pepper (5 g). Drink the lemonade you need every 2-3 hours or 1 tbsp. If you decide to follow this diet for 1-2 days, and much longer, you can include in the diet of soup made from celery, cabbage, leeks. This dish should be eaten with the appearance of a strong sense of hunger. Diet can be observed only in the absence of health problems (and not the fact that the problem does not appear after extreme dieting).

Macrobiotic diet

This diet is based on the unsalted porridge, made with water. Throughout the day you should eat 5 servings of this dish (the size of each serving – 3 tbsp). Porridge can be made from all cereals except semolina. Diet takes 3-5 days, loss of weight around 3 kg. it is obligatory to drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea.


Diet Beyonce in all variants provides a serious stress to the body. It is good but fast weight loss (judging by the reviews, it is significant).