Diet for healthy nails

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What should be included in the diet?

1. Proteins of animal origin – their share in the diet should be 1-1. 5 g per 1 kg of weight.

Foods that should be taken to overcome these important elements:
• Fatty fish (preferably sea)
• Turkey
• Chicken
• Eggs

2. Magnesium and calcium – it has been observed that the deficiency of these elements occurs in 80% of our population. Because magnesium supports the growth of new cells and calcium helps to strengthen the nails, hair and bones, these elements are vital for our body and they should definitely be added in the diet (most often require additional supplementation that contains them).

3. Iron – without this element, you can also forget about healthy and strong nails.

to Replenish stocks of iron helps:
• Kidney and liver (especially pork)
• Seafood
• Buckwheat and oatmeal
• Apples
• Hips
• Beets
• Crushed grain

4. Vitamin a – it allows to significantly strengthen nails.

In large quantity it contains in such products as:
• Liver
• Dairy products (including cheese and butter)
• Pumpkin
• Carrots (it is eaten in combination with vegetable oil)
• Nuts
• Fortified jelly

5. Vitamin E — without it, nails become brittle and fragile. They are primarily rich in various vegetable oils.

6. Cysteine (sulfur-containing amino acid) and Biotin (vitamin H). Their stock can be replenished by eating eggs (particularly scrambled them) and chicken stock.

Popular recipes to strengthen nails

folk medicine offers a number of recipes for herbal teas, which can strengthen the nail plate. They can be quite complementary to the above-described diet.

The tea of horsetail

• Water – 300 ml
• Horsetail – 2 tsp

the Tea is brewed, allow to infuse for 20-30 min., after which he carefully strain and drink 2 cups a day.

The herbs

• Nettle — 1 tbsp
• Shepherd's purse — 1 tbsp
• Stems gray alder — 1 tbsp
• the black elderberry Flowers — 3 tbsp
• the Rhizome of couch grass — 2 tbsp. l.

Done gathering brewed in the following proportions: 1 teaspoon per 200 ml of water. Brew tea in a thermos for 6-8 hours, then filtered through a sieve or through cheesecloth and drink half a Cup three times a day for 10 days.

If the nails are unwilling to become strong and beautiful, you need to seek the advice of your doctor – maybe the problem is not merely shortage of useful items and condition.