Diet South beach

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Information about diet

Initially, the diet was used to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, but over time it has gained wide popularity due to the high efficiency in terms of burning fat. The main principle of the diet is to replace "bad" fats and carbohydrates "good". The diet is broken down into stages. "Bad" carbs are fast carbohydrates that trigger sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood (refined sugar, milk chocolate, etc.). The right carbs – foods with a low glycemic index (vegetables, beans, whole grains, etc.). "Bad fat" is saturated and TRANS fats. "Good" fats — omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish oils, vegetable oils, nuts.

Stage # 1

This phase lasts 2 weeks. The basis of nutrition – protein foods. As practice shows, in this period there is the active weight loss. The exception are subject to starchy foods: pasta, cereals (rice and others), bakery products, fruits and potatoes. Contraindicated alcohol, sugar and products containing it. You need to eat meat (chicken, Turkey, beef, veal). You can eat eggs, lettuce, any cheese, nuts, seafood, fish, vegetables. Diet – fractional (Breakfast, lunch and dinner, complemented by snacks). Meals should be small.

Sample menu

Breakfast: tomato juice, stewed mushrooms, bacon and eggs, salad, coffee (too strong)
lunch: cheese
Lunch: baked vegetables, chicken meat
afternoon Snack: veggies and cheese
Dinner: vegetables, grilled fish with lemon juice

Stage 2

Ration of stage 1 is complemented by certain products. Menus can be enriched with blueberries, grapes, melon, mango, kiwi, pears, apples, grapefruit, apricots, plums, strawberries, oranges. In the protein menu, you can add low fat milk and low-fat yogurt. Carbohydrates are encouraged to obtain, using potatoes, green peas, pasta, oatmeal, wholegrain and rye bread, bitter chocolate. Fat sources — peanut oil and olive oil. You can drink wine. The duration of this stage is individual – his passing is usually withdrawn 1-2 months.

Sample menu

Breakfast: oatmeal with milk, strawberries, tea
brunch: eggs
Lunch: boiled chicken, vegetables
afternoon Snack: cheese and fruit
Dinner: fish, grilled vegetables, a slice of dark chocolate, berries

Stage # 3

the Duration of this stage is arbitrary. The range of products is quite wide – excluded only candy, milk chocolate, sweet pastries and cakes. It is important not to overeat and finish dinner until 19.00. The quality of the snacks is to use fruits.

Sample menu

Breakfast: omelet, toast, grapefruit, loosely brewed tea or coffee with milk
Lunch: boiled beef, fruit
Dinner: boiled asparagus, chicken, fresh berries, mousse


the South beach Diet is welcomed not by all doctors – plenty of protein (especially in the first stage) seriously overloads the eliminative system. Diet is contraindicated in the presence of kidney conditions. In General, the technique has proven useful – you will lose weight steadily, feeling of hunger is completely absent.