Diet "Rice, chicken, apples"

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Recommendations diet

This diet is divided into 3 stages, each dedicated to a strictly defined product. For 9 days are presented in the article method takes 4-7 kg weight loss. The diet period is recommended to abandon active sports training – valid only gentle loads.


Stage # 1

For 3 days eat rice porridge. Daily rate – 1 tbsp. dry cereals. In the evening pour the rice with cold water, and in the morning drain, cover the cereal with boiling water (2 tbsp.) and cook until tender (it will take about a quarter of an hour). Remember that the porridge not to add salt (you will have to do without oil). The entire portion should be divided into 5 equal servings and eat throughout the day. To Supplement the diet can be water (2.5 l) and honey (3 tsp). Liquid drink in small portions, just a few SIPS, but as often as possible. As for cereals, the last of her portion should be eaten to 20.00.

Stage 2

At this stage comes the turn of protein to 3 days you will eat only chicken boiled. Daily rate of meat – 1.2 kg Chicken cook without salt, remove the skin, separate the meat from the bones, divide into 5 portions, mixing white and dark (legs and breast meat has a different fat content). Before each meal drink 1 Cup water, the remaining liquid will spread on the whole day (daily rate of water – 2.5 liters). A surge of energy will provide honey (3 tsp).

Stage # 3

Now comes the turn of apples is better to take varieties with green skin. The daily rate of fruit – 1 kg. As in previous stages, diet on rice, chicken and apples provides abundant water (2.5 liters of fluid should be spread over the whole day). If you feel severe weakness, unable to include in the diet 3 tsp. of honey.

The secret of the effectiveness of the diet

This diet is based on the principles of alternating carbohydrates and proteins. The first stage uses rice – this cereal will cleanse the body of excess moisture and toxins. Next comes the turn of protein. Rich in protein diet prevents muscle damage and causes the body to burn fat. The third stage establishes the result apples have low calorie, fiber cleanses the intestines, and organic acids "spur" metabolism. Honey in the diet to eat is optional – if you don't feel a pronounced lack of energy and are not engaged in mental work, without the "quick" carbohydrate replenishment is possible and necessary.


This method of weight loss is contraindicated if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver. Not worth it to her to use in case of heavy physical work. Diet before is recommended to consult with your doctor.


Diet is rice, chicken, apples help to lose weight and cleanse the body. Judging by the reviews, monotonous food quickly tired – not to break is very difficult. Some dieters eliminate one of the stages, which reduces the duration to 6 days.