Diet doctors

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Recommendations diet

it is Worth considering that the sharp limitation of the admission of calories is not the best way affects on health. Fasting prescribed by a doctor, usually practiced in a hospital where the patient is monitored. Since this diet a "designate" themselves, should at least limit physical activity. During the passage diet often symptoms such as weakness, irritability, dizziness, etc. the Feeling of hunger, especially painfully felt in the early days, and then dulled. Diet is presented in 2 variants.

Diet doctors 7 days

Days # 1 and # 3 are fasting you need to drink water without gas (1.5 liters of water divide into 5-6 portions). In the days of # 2 and # 5 are supposed to drink milk (1,5-2,5%) – menu 2-day worth supplementing with Apple. Day # 4 is based on the vegetable menu – you need to eat about 1kg of salad made of carrots and cabbage. Day 6 pleased with a more varied menu and provides Breakfast, lunch and 4 snacks a day.

Breakfast: green tea (sugar not used) and the egg soft-boiled
the Second Breakfast: vegetable broth
Lunch: 100 g of green peas and boiled chicken
After lunch (every 2 hours): green apples – 3 PCs.

Last, the 7th day of the diet is also relatively diverse range of products. You can drink 400 ml of low-fat milk, about 500 ml of yogurt and eat 100 grams of nonfat cottage cheese. Weight loss in 7 days – 4-6.

Diet doctors 14 days

In fact, the doctors diet for 14 days is the sequel to the "short" option. Days № 1...№ 5 fully repeat the previous layout. Day 6 Breakfast eat a boiled egg for lunch and dinner – 100 g of nonfat cottage cheese. The days of No. 7 and No. 8 – water fasting: divide 1.5 liters of still mineral water for 6 servings and drink throughout the day. Day # 9 allows you to drink 1 liter of skim milk and eat the big Apple (it is recommended to postpone the evening). Day # 10 – water fasting. The next day should pay attention to the greens – make a salad of dill, parsley, celery, vegetable oil and salt (1 liter bottle) and eat, divided into 4-6 portions. Day # 12 again dedicated to milk – drink 1 liter of this healthy drink, but don't forget that the fat content should be minimal. Day # 13 – protein menu: in the morning, eat a boiled egg, and in the evening – low fat cottage cheese. Completes the starvation diet on the water. Weight loss 14 days is 10-13 kg.

The correct completion of the diet

After a hungry diet in any case can not immediately go to a complete diet – this will cause problems with digestion. Caloric intake should be increased gradually. In the first days it is recommended to eat soft food, pureed soups and vegetable purees. Useful to drink milk drinks. Every day the number of calories you can gradually increase (about 200 kcal). It is recommended to add in the meat and fish – in the beginning it is better to eat products made from minced meat. This diet will not only keep the result of diet, but also to normalize digestion, to neutralize the stress caused by restricted food.


Diet doctors is contraindicated in the presence of chronic diseases of internal organs. It is absolutely unacceptable to resort to a diet for peptic ulcer. Hard nutrition plan should not be used in young and old age. Can't repeat the diet more than 1 time in 2 months.


As practice shows, "health" diet to go is very difficult — many people do not stand up and frustrated. If will power allows you to sustain a hungry mode, the result is pleasing (though at the wrong end of the diet, happy long – weight is quickly restored to its original settings).