Protein diet for pregnant women

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Diet protein diet for pregnant women

If you find that body weight increases unreasonably fast pace, go for simple protein diet. It is useful for both the expectant mother and child. Protein strengthens the uterus and the placenta provides the baby with useful amino acids, and the expectant mother can get rid of the excessive appetite (protein food provides long-lasting saturation).

Protein diet for pregnant women do not differ in complicated and intractable recommendations. In the daily diet of a woman expecting a child should be 100-120 g of proteins (70-90 g falls on proteins of animal origin).

it is Worth remembering that protein is not able to replace all the batteries is not only unwise but also extremely dangerous. Menu protein diet should be complex carbohydrates and fats.

Basic list of foods for protein diet

• Boiled in a bag eggs – 2 PCs per day
• Milk – 500 ml per day
• Green vegetables (cucumbers, lettuce, etc.)
• Cereals — up to five times a day in small portions
• Butter and vegetable oil – limited
• cottage Cheese and hard cheese
• Seafood
• lean Meat varieties

the Water you need to drink as and when desire is not to exert themselves or to limit themselves.

Menu protein diet for pregnant women

Menu you can make completely independently. Products requiring heat treatment, it is necessary to boiled, steamed or baked (on the grill, in the oven)

fall Under the ban:
• Pastries, sweet pastries, chocolate and sweets
• Condensed milk
• Bold items
• a hard-boiled Egg
• the Sweet varieties of fruit (banana, melon, etc.)
• Refined sugar
• Alcoholic beverages


Protein diet for pregnant easy to implement – it focuses on useful elements of food and overshadows harmful products. Needless to say, it will only benefit.