The rules of the diet

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one or The other diet will not bring the expected result and will not be effective if you do not comply with certain requirements out of it. So, experts recommend during the first weeks after the diet the same diet.

in order not to gain extra pounds in the future, the diet should include more fruits and vegetables. The fact that these foods contain a lot of fiber and have fewer calories. And therefore when they are used although there is a rapid saturation, but the weight gain calving not observed. In addition, plant food is a source of essential nutrients — vitamins and minerals.

The advice of nutritionists

In the first period after the diet is better not to eat meat and fatty fish. An exception may be herring, rich in essential fatty acids. To diversify the menu will help dairy products (cheese, kefir, yogurt). Of bakery products it is necessary to choose those that are made from wheat flour and bran added.

Nutritionists advise to start Breakfast, lunch and dinner with salads. Before each meal you can also drink 1 tbsp. of mineral water (do it for 10-15 min. before meals).

After leaving the diet from light snacks to be abandoned. From the menu you want to remove products such as cakes and pastries, replacing them with low-calorie fruits and dried fruits, yogurt or diet-bread.

in order to maintain a healthy weight, 1 time per week you need to carry out so-called fasting day. In addition, you should regularly exercise. To consolidate the results of the diet will also help Cycling and Hiking.

After a diet, the body weight must be kept under constant review. For this you need to weigh in. Doing it at the same time every day.

Just be calm!

Another sine qua non of normal weight, which was achieved during the diet, is keeping a certain routine. Work must be combined with relaxation.

According to the latest research by scientists, a state of rest and mental relaxation should be classified as factors that have a major impact on health. It was noticed that they are no less essential to man for maintaining vitality than, for example, vitamins and minerals in the diet.

Many women suffering from extra pounds, find out the cause of a pathological desire constantly something to chew, recognized that the hunger they have is exacerbated in times of stress or periods of depression. Thus, the rapid pace of life makes a person to be in psychological and mental stress. The result is that, in order to compensate the missing energy begins to constantly feel hungry and consume more products.

Trying to get rid of extra pounds and regain health, we must first reflect on in what rhythm has to live. If he is that requires a tremendous expenditure of energy, it is better to change. Scientists have proven that the nutrients coming into the body from food is well absorbed only if the person is calm. And it's not the idle fancies of Aesculapius.

the fact that in the human body by nature provides a special psychological mechanism that makes it work in the rest mode or the mode of a stressful situation. After "switching" of the brain active are the relevant parts of the nervous system: during stress — sympathetic, resting, parasympathetic.

the Latter plays an important role in the process of burning of dietary fats. Therefore, to decrease body weight faster only possible in moments of relaxation and recreation.

Healthy sleep

Another important condition for maintaining a normal body weight — a dream. He gives man the energy necessary for life, but also allows you to recover. In addition, if desired, it is able to replace... a second dinner. Thus, deep sleep can be considered a required component of any diet.

According to scientists, to restore the strength and energy a healthy person needs 8-9 hours of sleep a night. This regime should be followed continuously without losing. Only under this condition, a correction of the internal state, the successful completion of a diet and maintaining health.

Most doctors speak about the day dream as an indispensable component of the routine. However, EV force professional employment Hairdryer far everyone is able to do it. In this case, daytime sleep, it is advisable to replace the short-term (10-20 min) rest and relaxation.

you need to sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a desert island, lying on the beach under the warm rays of the sun. Thus it is necessary to forget about current Affairs and pressing issues and try to free the mind of all thoughts.

the Result of such training will be restoring the exchange process and the work of all internal organs and systems.

Dessert for dinner?

the key to good night's sleep will be a light dinner. No need to eat in the evening fried potatoes with a big chop. For dinner not suitable as fish, eggs and other foods that contain large amount of protein.

According to nutritionists, before going to sleep, you can afford to eat a small amount of flour. This could be small buns, donut with fruit jam or a slice of Apple pie. Under the influence of such food the pancreas will actively produce insulin which, in turn, will enter the bloodstream and cause the dilation of blood vessels. The blood will move through them with maximum speed. As a result, the glucose into the cells that will create the conditions most favorable for the transition from wakefulness to sleep.