The protein Atkins diet

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Vladimir Mirkin – therapist and nutritionist, and the Creator of the author's method of correction and rejuvenation. What is a protein Atkins diet, what are the advantages over other techniques does she have?

General provisions diet

Diet is designed for a long period of time because it allows you to lose weight slowly but steadily (without health risk). Many believe that this method can hardly be called a diet – more like a set of rules of a balanced diet. During the month the Mirkin diet allows you to lose 6-10 pounds overweight. Continue diet until you achieve the desired result. Some people call it a diet exception. So what we have to give up? Dr. Mirkin suggests not to eat the thick soup – in his opinion, a sufficient portion of the nutrients we get from decoction. The second dish will have to exclude the garnish – you need to settle for a protein component (steam cutlet, baked fish, etc.). Another ban will not please those with a sweet tooth – you need to give up desserts based on sugar. In addition to the above exceptions, there is another blacklist.

it includes:

  • Any bakery and pasta
  • high-calorie canned fish
  • Most cereals (including buckwheat, and rice)
  • Any sweets (chocolate, different kinds of chocolates, cream cakes, sugar, confectionary, sweet pastries)
  • Any dairy products with high fat content
  • Dried fruit
  • Some vegetables (the prohibition applies to potatoes, dry beans peas, beans, corn)
  • Sweet fruit
  • Crab sticks (they contain a lot of carbs)
  • All types of nuts
  • Cream butter and high-melting fats
  • the basis of the diet should be:

  • Lean meat and poultry, diet sausages
  • Fish and low-fat low-calorie diet canned food (e.g. fish, cooked in tomato sauce)
  • Milk and yogurt (not exceeding 3.2% fat)
  • low Calorie white cheeses
  • Fats and vegetable oils (small amounts can be used when cooking)
  • eggs
  • the diet should be non-starchy vegetables (carbohydrates — not more than 3-6 %). They serve as ballast, filling the stomach. The priority of beets, leafy green vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, different types of cabbage and onions. Diet Vladimir Mirkin includes fruits (carbohydrates – not more than 12%): citrus, sweet and sour berries and fruits, watermelons. Fruits, berries, vegetables, you can cook the juice (before use, the juice is diluted with boiled water).

    The feasibility of using diet

    the above diet does not force to prepare complex meals and to adhere strictly to a set menu. Diet not only reduces weight but also has a therapeutic effect on the body (helps to improve the condition of arthritis, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.). The feeling of hunger because at any time you can eat raw vegetables.

    Option meal plan (1 day)

    Breakfast: 100 g of lean protein, tea or coffee
    Lunch: fat-free broth or vegetable broth (if it is based on cabbage, you can eat the rest of the grounds the use is not subject), 100 g of fish or meat, a little vegetable salad (130 g), a slice of bread and stewed fruit without sugar
    Dinner: 100 g of meat (fish, sausages), yogurt and fruit


    Practice shows that the limitations presented above diet, quickly become a habit. Many followers of this technique, observe it constantly, without experiencing any discomfort.