Diet Sophia Loren

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Food cravings Sophia Loren

As the famous actress manages to stay fit and not lose attraction? Her figure is only envy – at the age of 72 she appeared Nude for the Pirelli calendar, which caused an explosion of emotions among its admirers (it's the first pictures of such a plan in the Arsenal of the actress). About the same period, the star was recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The secret of its beauty Sophie thinks naturalness – she always avoided plastic surgery and tried to not exhaust the body of a strict diet. The actress loves spaghetti she believes that this simple dish helps it keep the shape. Oddly enough, but nutritionists support this idea – pasta of durum wheat provide the body with carbohydrate feeding, but not overloaded with calories. Sophie feeds the passion for healthy foods, supplements spaghetti low fat vegetable sauces, not eating before going to sleep and always gets up from the table, experiencing a slight feeling of hunger – this approach allows her not to get better. If she is gaining weight, has resorted to short diet quickly cope with the excess.

Diet for quick weight correction

Diet is 3 days and allows you to lose weight at 1-1.5 kg. every day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

Day # 1
Morning: egg (in the form of steam scrambled or boiled), 1 tbsp. organic orange juice
Lunch: mixed salad, mixed vegetables, 60 grams of cooked Turkey meat, slice of low-fat cheese
Evening: low calorie sauce, portion of spaghetti, cooked shrimp, spinach
Snacks: fruit (e.g., apples)

Day # 2
Morning: cereal flour, low-fat milk
Lunch: 0.5 tbsp. granulated cottage cheese and the mixture of different fruits without refueling
Evening: low-fat sauce, spaghetti, steam cutlets of Turkey meat, lettuce
Snacks: fruit (e.g., pear)

Day # 3
Morning: half dietary muffin or bagel and a slice of low-fat cheese
Lunch: lettuce and chicken fillet, boiled
Evening: lasagna (not exceeding 170 g), lettuce, leafy vegetables, lean gas station
Snacks: fruit (e.g., peaches)

you can Repeat the diet every 2 weeks. It is quite balanced in composition and are not forced to starve. It is advisable to Supplement the diet exercise.


Diet Sophia Loren does not promise quick weight loss, but does not exhaust the body. According to reviews, it is easy to withstand.