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One of the most colorful participants of "star Factory–7" is considered Cornelia Mango. This girl always stood out from the rest, not only the original voice and the special "Sunny" character, but some splendor of forms. Today, our heroine has significantly reduced its weight. What was the reason and what diet is Cornelia Mango has achieved such a tangible result (the girl managed to get rid of 20 kg excess weight) – this is the subject of our today's article.


Despite the fact that curvy shape didn't really spoil the original singer, so they didn't seem too attractive. In addition, Cornelia decided in the next few years to become a mom and the extra pounds she did not need it. These reasons prompted our heroine to work.

Ways to get rid of extra pounds

• the Cornelia Mango Diet

in April 2010 Cornelia took part in the project of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" together with Baskov and Semcesen she decided to prove to others that to freshen up in just a few months everyone can.

the Weight of Cornelia's to the beginning of the project amounted to 100 kg. the Case was complicated by the fact that the singer is absolutely not accept any serious restrictions, because it believes that food standards should not affect the quality of life. However, several to cut back your diet Cornelia still had. Personal dietitian has allowed our heroine is almost all in contrast, it significantly reduced the size of its servings. In addition, Cornelia helped to get rid of the extra pounds a special drug that she took during the second stage of weight loss.

• Sports

Cornelia, in spite of the extra weight, loves to move, so she turned to weight loss programs fitness and dance. Thus, even rapid weight loss did not lead to loss of elasticity of the body.

Secrets from Cornelia Mango

In the fight against overweight Cornelia uses all imaginable means. So, for example, the singer for some time parted with my beloved man – it allowed her to protect themselves from a joint later and enough high-calorie meals.

Another secret singer shopping. Deciding to lose weight, Cornelia began to acquire outfits at a size smaller than you need – this, according to her, was a very good incentive.

That's all the secrets of Cornelia Mango – the girl obsessed with yourself, cutting the amount of food consumed and taking up the sport. You can safely follow her example – the result will not keep itself waiting.