Diet "The Traffic Light"

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Diet Traffic light offers the ability to have a balanced diet. This distinguishes this technique from other weight loss diets.

The essence of the diet

This diet divides food into 3 groups. The first group of products (group a or "red" group) – falls under the ban.

Red group:
• cheese
• Mayonnaise
• heavy cream and whole milk
• Fast food
• Fatty meats
• Fat
• Smoked
• Champagne and beer
• Ice cream, cakes and pies with cream, yeast cakes,
• sweet Carbonated drinks.
• White bread

"Yellow" group products (group b) falls under the ban only in the evening (after 18.00 they can't be eaten).

"Yellow" group:
• Oatmeal in the water (except manna)
• Pasta from durum wheat
• Baking savoury puff pastry
• Potatoes, boiled
• low-fat meat products (including cooked sausage)
• Black bitter chocolate, marmalade, candy, marshmallows
• cheese and low-fat cottage cheese
• the Sweet varieties of fruit, dried fruits
• Spices, pickles, ketchup
• Tea, coffee

"Green" group products (group) is the basis of the diet.

"Green" group:
• Fish boiled
• Seafood
• low-fat dairy products (yoghurt, kefir, yogurt, ayran)
• non-starchy vegetables (green salads, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants, greens, carrots)
• Fruits (apples, citrus fruits, strawberries, currants)
• Olive oil cold pressed
• poached Eggs (up to 2 pieces a day)

Advice on nutrition

One meal should not include more than two dishes (this is one of the desirable food — low-calorie soup or salad).

it is Forbidden to combine in one meal fish and meat. Of alcohol occasionally is permissible to enter into the diet of dry or sweet wine, whisky, Martini, vodka.

In order to accelerate weight loss, it is recommended once a week to arrange unloading of any product from green groups. This day you should drink plenty of still water.

it is recommended to Eat 5-6 times a day, each time eating a small portion of food. As mentioned above, the main components of the menu should be foods from the "green" group. Necessarily need to eat vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals.

When cooking is to use gentle methods of exposure: the products can be steamed, boiled, steamed.

Additional recommendations

the Duration of the diet, the Traffic light is not regulated – you can stay at the desired result. During its passage should regularly take a contrast shower – this useful procedure will not only support skin tone, but will also have wobbling on internal processes. Douche accelerates blood flow, normalizes the endocrine system, calms the nerves and strengthens the immune system. To further speed up the pace of weight loss will allow regular exercise.

The pros diet the Traffic light

This diet does not have a clearly defined menu – this is one of its main advantages. Independently selecting products, you will be able to survive with honor diet to the end.

Another pleasant quality of the diet is the permission to moderate alcohol consumption – this helps to ensure the diet even during the holidays.

Well, the main advantage of the diet: the proper balance of the elements (it concerns only "empty" calories that do not bring benefit to the organism).


Diet Traffic light like many is to lose weight without experiencing hunger, quite difficult.