Diet Heidi Klum

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the Mother of three children and a famous fashion model Heidi Klum earned the title of the most beautiful and erotic women of Germany. As you can see, even motherhood, in most cases, adds to the woman a few extra pounds, could not spoil her figure. Let's find out which diet Heidi Klum is the guarantor of the harmony of its forms.

Diet sauerkraut

This is one of my favorite methods weight loss Heidi. This diet help her to get rid of 3 kg in just 3 days. Its essence lies in the use of a sufficiently large number of sauerkraut, which is a real storehouse of vitamins and beneficial elements. In addition, this product contains ballast substances that remove toxins and slags, as part of sauerkraut lactic acid significantly improves digestion. Unfortunately, this diet is contraindicated in the propensity to heartburn, and in some diseases of the stomach.

Diet menu

a Cup of sauerkraut brine can be consumed with any meal.

• Fruits (250 g), oatmeal and yogurt.
• a Piece of diet bread with soy meat and parsley

• sauerkraut in any quantity (if you want to eat)

• the sauerkraut Salad with Apple and carrots
• Fritters of sauerkraut (2 tbsp cabbage, grated potato, 40 g ham and egg)

• the sour cabbage Soup (0.5 l beef broth, a couple of grated potatoes, 150 g of cabbage and a bunch of parsley)
• Braised cabbage with beets and fish (cabbage, medium beets 200 g salmon)

Diet dairy products

Heidi Klum is a true admirer of milk and dairy products. Sometimes they help her before a show to quickly get rid of the pop extra pounds.

the First option offers to drink a liter of milk, distributing it evenly throughout the day. This diet takes about 3-4 days.

the Second option involves the use of cottage cheese (this diet is designed for 4 days).

the diet of the Diet include:
• cottage Cheese (100g)
• Wheat bran (1-2 teaspoons)
• Dried fruits and berries (add them to the cheese)
• a Decoction of rose hips
• Butter (200 ml)

Bran pour boiling water, allow to stand for half an hour, drain the liquid and add to the curd.


of Course, to maintain a slim figure Heidi helps and sports. Trainer David Kirsch having high popularity among the stars of the podium, offered model the following scheme of training:
• Cardio – 45 min
• Exercise with a stability ball – 45 min
• personal training special training – a few hours a week under the supervision of a coach

Any diet Heidi Klum, without a doubt, will help you lose weight, but coke is better for you personally – decide.