Diet temperament

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on the Basis of individual peculiarities of character and temperament, people are divided into phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic and sanguine. Needless to say, each of these types has its own distinctive features, which directly affect their lives. In this regard, and has developed diet by temperament – it allows you to build an effective system of weight loss based on certain psychological aspects.

Diet for sanguine

Sanguine – lively, active people, who quickly adapt to the surrounding events and can easily survive any trouble. They are also characterized by high impulsivity, and weak enough sensitivity.

Sanguine approach sparing diet designed more to keep in shape, not for weight loss. People belonging to this type are easily parted with overweight and almost do not need additional exercise, so as lead a sedentary life. Most often sanguine enough to limit the consumption of confectionery and bakery products, as well as do not eat after 18.00. In addition they need to arrange fasting days, involving the use of any one product – it can be apples, yogurt or anything from vegetables (1 species – for example, cucumbers). During unloading, you can drink any herbal tea without sugar.

Diet for phlegmatic

Phlegmatic characterized by being slow and calm. These people have aspirations for sustainable and stable mood. Phlegmatic rarely Express their feelings and do not have high sensitivity.

People belonging to this type, rarely follow any of the diets, so it is better to think only about reducing calorie foods (this should not suffer nor taste of food nor the volume portions). The perfect solution in this case can be considered volumetric – about this technique you can read in our article "Volumetrica eat as much and lose weight". Phlegmatic nutritionists recommend to refuse from fast food and to pay more attention to fruit salads and vegetable soups.

Diet for choleric

features Choleric impetuosity. They give their all to the beloved, however, prone to mood swings and violent emotional outbursts.

Choleric often eating something tasty boredom, bad mood, and any failure that leads to the appearance of extra pounds. Such people are best suited diet related to the category of protein and vegetable. Choleric should give up fatty meats, pastries, nuts and butter. People belonging to this type we can not forget about sports – ideal option exercise for the choleric can be considered gymnastic exercises with a rope, swimming and running.

Diet for melancholic

Melancholic – they are vulnerable people who are experiencing even the most minor setbacks. Externally, they react poorly to the surrounding reality.

For melancholic best way of losing weight are exercise, especially running (he is, according to psychologists, helps to get rid of depression, often specific to the type). The most effective option is diet for melancholic nutritionists consider vegetable. However, they emphasize that this typecasting is not necessary to completely give up sweets – this can make the particular discomfort in their mental state. That is why the melancholic daily to consume a drink consisting of water, honey and lemon juice.

Maybe that diet temperament will allow you to effortlessly get rid of extra pounds. Well, we sincerely wish you that!