Diet, Hilary Duff

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Actress and singer Hilary Duff is the true idol of teenage girls. Not so long ago she had a rather curvaceous, but today suddenly became the prototype of the world famous Barbie doll. What diet Hilary Duff helped her to get rid of 14 kg of excess weight? This you will learn after reading this article.


Grew out of his teenage image of Hilary Duff have come to believe that neither overweight nor excessive thinness isn't working for her. A kind of impetus to this understanding was made by the journalists who put the photo of the Duff with a cute signature "Chunk Hilary Duff". The actress was horrified by the fact that it is considered so full. At the same time, she does not want to be skinny – according to Hilary it deprives a woman of her charm.

The Diet Of Hilary Duff

as an actress, she always loved fast food, especially fried fries – this dish couldn't she have great pleasure to be the a few servings per day. Coming to the need to restrict your diet, Hilary Duff completely abandoned so favorite dishes. She also imposed a ban on pastries, pasta, bread and rice. According to rumors, Duff for some time adhered to one of the gentle options of low-carb diets.

The basic principles of the diet

This type of diet offers to dramatically restrict the intake of carbohydrates, which inevitably leads to the occurrence of ketosis (in this state, the body is the synthesis of ketones, which are used as a source of energy, replacing glucose).

Easily digestible carbohydrates (e.g., sugar) require the production of a significant amount of insulin, this prevents ketosis and contributes to the appearance of excess body fat.

low carb diets impose a partial or complete ban on desserts, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, and any foods high in sugar and starch – this is also the principle and adheres to the heroine of this article.


Hillary wisely approached the issue of losing weight. The actress began to pay great attention to a variety of physical exercises. Her favourite sports include Jogging and swimming. Regular exercise has allowed Duff to create a really beautiful body.

The secret from Hilary

indulge in all – this is absolutely not the option that suits Hilary. However breaking the routine, she thinks, as I can compensate for it. For example, if you Duff allow themselves to eat any sweet at night, then all day she forgets about the bread.

Diet recommendations and Hilary Duff might be useful to you, you will agree – her example very clearly demonstrates their effectiveness.