How to survive a diet?

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There are plenty of diets to choose the right option everyone can, but to endure dietary restrictions – not everyone. How to survive a diet? We will give you some useful recommendations.

Tip # 1

In the first stage decide the motives, understand that it will give you miraculous transformation. Someone good figure needed for a career, some to improve self-esteem, someone to dress up in a trendy outfit.

Tip # 2

Enlist the support of family and friends/friends. There is nothing that leads the man astray, as a negative evaluation of your actions by the relatives. Explain why you want to lose weight, ask them to support you. "Will priidite" friends on a diet – compete with them (pride will not allow you to concede).

Tip # 3

get yourself a hobby – passion for doing something will distract you from feeling hungry.

Tip # 4

Estimate the amount of fluid you drink. Your liquid diet should include at least 8 cups of liquid. To control appetite, make it a rule to drink water before eating (it will partially fill the stomach and discourage overeating).

Tip # 5

Train yourself to eat slowly, chew your food well. Due to this, you will quickly feel the saturation.

Tip # 6

Once a week allow yourself to break the diet, eating favorite product in the first half of the day. Such indulgence will allow you to be disappointed in the diet (constant observance of the fasting mode is exhausting not only physically, but psychologically).

Tip # 7

Choose a diet menu which you can make independently, focusing on the proposed recommendations. It also will not get bored on the diet, help to avoid breakdown. When cooking for diet, try to fully enjoy the flavor of the dish. Scientists say that inhaling the scent of the food that we already partially filled. Don't forget about the benefits of essential oils – some of them relieve the increased appetite. Note the essential oils of peppermint, lavender, rose, lemongrass, rosemary, fennel.

Tip # 8

subject to lengthy diet plan make a wall chart to lose weight – daily update, forget about the scale weighing after you Wake up. This visual aid will allow you to break (seeing your results, it will be easier to resist temptation).

Tip # 9

If you are close to failure, reconsider your diet, add a snack consisting of vegetables with a negative calorie (note the lettuce, spinach, celery, etc.).


How to survive a diet? Everyone has their little tricks, but most often they are in tune with the recommendations given in the article.