Armadata Hirsch

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Often no diet brings us closer to achieving the desired goal – the strict limitation of the diet only causing various problems (including psychological). Fortunately, there is a very special method of weight loss that requires no serious casualties, but it brings consistently good results. We offer to your attention armadata Hirsch helps considerably reduce the amount of food eaten, which leads to gradual weight loss.

Based on what diet

oddly enough, but creating this methodology had a hand not a professional nutritionist, and a psychiatrist. After long observation Alan Hirsch came to the conclusion that the smell can not only significantly reduce appetite and help avoid unnecessary snacking. Most interesting is that the flavors used are quite nice, you can even say "edible".

According to Hirsch, the cause of appetite is often not physiological, and emotional hunger (often provoke depression and stress, which are abundant in our lives). The same flavors are perceived by our brain in a very special way — the smell of food associated them with the beginning of the meal. Thus, only sniffing a chocolate bar wrapper, you can run a kind of saturation mechanism, eliminating emotional hunger (by the way – using this small trick you can to get rid of 2-3 kg).

Tips Hirsh

These simple recommendations experienced psychiatrist will help you to significantly reduce appetite, and, therefore, would be a good start for getting rid of extra pounds.

1. Stock up on aromatic oils that reduce appetite (this may be the cypress, nutmeg, pine, rosemary, juniper, citrus fruits) – breathe in selected aroma full Breasts for 10 minutes before eating
2. Don't forget to enjoy the aroma of the food before the meal, breathe deep and smell and hold it for a while in the light – signal from the brain about the saturation will come much sooner, and this means that the amount of food eaten will decrease
3. Be sure to thoroughly chew your food and enjoy the process of meal its flavor – it also contributes to the rapid saturation
4. Refrain from artificial additives, in contrast sabrelite food with natural spices
5. Try to eat foods piping hot – so is fully revealed her scent.

to lose Weight with the help of aromaticity possible – this was proved by numerous experiments. The best part is that this technique can be easily combined with any diet the effectiveness of the latter markedly.