Diet Eva Longoria

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Food cravings Eva Longoria

the Actress has Mexican roots, so sincerely in love with Mexican cuisine. As Eva is forced to control their weight, it few changes the recipe and uses low-calorie dressings instead of fatty sauces. Longoria prefers to eat rationally, but while trying to avoid an overly strict limits. If the weight increases, the star uses one of the favorite diets.

Diet for 7 days

This diet is only 7 days and helps to lose about 5 kg of excess weight. Provides 3 meals (no snacking). The diet is exclude salt from your diet, sugar, alcohol. After dinner nothing to eat – hunger can be muted, drinking a glass of water. Also water to drink between meals.

Breakfast: egg (you can cook steam cook scrambled eggs or soft-boiled)
Lunch and dinner: tea and 200 g of cottage cheese with a minimum fat content

Diet on the diet cookies from Dr. Segal

This diet is gaining popularity among Hollywood stars. Cookie (to be more precise – the biscuits) Dr. sells through the website and in health food stores. This option is baking pleases a variety of tastes (you can buy chocolate, banana, berry cookies), and the lack of excess calories (used not more than 3 g of fat per serving, sugar is excluded). Biscuits enriched with dietary fiber and easily digestible protein. They are delicious and perfectly saturated. Sitting on a diet, Longoria eating 6 biscuits in the day and in the evening eat steamed veggies and fish. She also during the day drink at least 8 cups of water. The diet provides about 1000 kcal, diet takes 10 days and takes 5-6 kg.

Diet fish

one More diet, to which, according to rumors, star resorts beauty, is based on fish. The diet lasts 7 days and takes 4-6 kg of excess weight. Diet all the time is not changed. Breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of 150 g steam fish and 200-300 g of vegetables (raw or boiled). Salt in the diet is eliminated, to improve the taste, you can use herbs and lemon juice.

After the diet throughout the week is supposed to eat modestly, gradually expanding the range of products (gradually add in fruits, dairy products, meat, nuts). Through this approach we manage to maintain the result.


Any diet Eva Longoria provides a hard constraint. According to reviews, all diets provide good weight loss.