Diet "The Zone"

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Diet concept

Diet that combines complex carbohydrates (40%), proteins (30%) and vegetable fats (30%). The exception shall be fast carbs. You need to eat often (5 times a day) and gradually. This diet allows you to control the production of insulin – the substance responsible for carbohydrate and fat metabolism. The diet lasts for 10 days.

Diet diet

Morning 1: boiled eggs (whites only) or steam protein omelet, a little grated cheese, raisins (1 tbsp), coffee, toast
Morning 2: tea, 0.5 tbsp. oatmeal or granola, a slice of bacon, 1 tsp. nuts
Morning 3: tea, cottage cheese with fruit pieces
Morning 4: tea, some berries, 1 tbsp. yogurt, 1 tbsp almonds and thin slices of bacon
Morning 5: berries, toast, tea
Morning 6: tea, a slice of melon, 150 g of lean ham, fresh tomatoes
Morning 7: menu 1-day (instead of raisins eat grapefruit 0.5.)

Lunch 1: appetizer roll (pita bread, lettuce, lemon juice, 200 g of crab meat and 1 tsp low-fat mayonnaise)
Lunch 2: 150-200 g boiled chicken fillet, lettuce, tomato, 0.5 pieces of Apple, a slice of cheese, a little nuts
Lunch 3: menu of the 1st day
Lunch 4: a piece of boiled chicken fillet (100-150 grams), an orange and a salad prepared with olives, celery, cooked mushrooms
Dinner: 5: 0.5. orange, toast, crab meat
Dinner 6: snack roll (pita bread, 150 grams of meat, onion, bell pepper), plum
7 Lunch: salad (150 g chicken fillet, boiled, half bell pepper, a slice of avocado, some onions), prunes – 2 PCs.

Snack 1: yogurt
afternoon Snack 2: boiled white beans (you can substitute soy cheese)
afternoon Snack 3: cottage cheese with pineapple
Afternoon tea 4: a slice of cheese and 0.5. Apple
5 afternoon Snack: slice of ham, avocado, 0.5 Cup raisins
afternoon Snack 6: cottage cheese a bit (the optimum portion weight – 100 g), a fruit or a slice of pineapple, a handful of almonds
7 afternoon Snack: boiled egg 0.5. Apple, 50 g of nuts

Dinner 1: white beans, boiled, tomatoes, chicken (150 g beef, onion, and protein)
Dinner 2: chicken (you can boil or bake with onions), spinach, 100 g of strawberries
3 Dinner: fish fillet with green vegetables
Dinner 4: 150 g lean pork meat and vegetables
Dinner 5: broccoli, beef cutlet, 0.5. Apple
Dinner 6: 1 tbsp. berries, fillet poultry – 150 g, boiled vegetables
Dinner 7: 200 g fillet of fish (to fry)

Evening snack 1: a few nuts, 50 g lean ham, 100 g of strawberries
Evening snack 2: low fat cottage cheese with slices of peach
Evening snack 3: 50 g of lean ham, a little raisins and nuts
Evening snack 4: 0.5 Cup of yogurt and 200 ml of dry red wine
Evening snack 5: slice of ham, 1 tbsp. berries
Evening snack 6: 50 g of ham, 1 tbsp. berries
Evening snack 7: slices of ham

the Days of No. 8, 9, 10 menu all day.


the Zone Diet doesn't make you starve and allows you to eat quite diverse. The relative disadvantage of the diet is slow weight loss.