Diet for gout on feet

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gout is a chronic disease, which is a violation of uric acid metabolism. Diet for gout on feet can help reduce the amount of urate and thus alleviate the condition of patients.

Diet during exacerbation of gout on legs

In the period of exacerbation of gout it is recommended to exclude meat or drastically reduce its consumption. Junk and fish – in the acute period it is necessary to refuse. The ban is imposed on broths, any sausages, meat and canned fish, smoked products, semi-finished products, by-products. Through the day is to arrange fasting days. Gout usually use the following options for discharge:
• Fruit and vegetable unloading (1.5 kg are allowed to eat fruit or vegetables)
• cottage Cheese-kefir discharge (400 g of granular cream cheese and 500 ml of yogurt)
• Milk or kefir unloading (optimal normal drink 1-2 l)

This diet alkalizes urine and increases the solubility of uric acid.

Diet without exacerbation of gout on legs

without exacerbation of gout 2-3 times a week, you can include in the diet of meat and fish, but products need pre-boil (this allows you to save them from the greater part of the purines). After boiling meat and fish can be baked with sauce or cook food (casseroles, soufflés, meatballs, burgers, etc.). It is recommended that vegetables be steamed or boiled.

gout is extremely important to avoid overeating or starvation. It is believed that improper diet increases the concentration of uric acid.

gout need to increase the drinking regime. Useful alkaline mineral water without gas, teas, fruit drinks and compotes. An hour before meals is recommended to drink a glass of water. A prerequisite is the reduction of salt consumption.

A list of permitted and prohibited foods

gout on feet ban is imposed on the following products:
• the Meat of young animals
• Meat, fish, chicken, or mushroom broth
• Meat and mushroom sauces
• jelly
• Smoked
• Offal (kidney, heart, liver, brain), as well as dishes based on them.
• Fatty, salty, fried fish, canned fish, the caviar
• Sharp and salty cheese
• Any spices except Bay leaf
• strong brewed cocoa, tea, coffee
• Cooking fats
• Refractory fat (lamb, beef, etc.)
• Cream products
• Chocolate
• Fatty meats
• Any alcohol (beer, brandy, sparkling and regular wine, vodka, etc.)
• Any canned foods
• Legumes
• Raspberries, grapes, figs
• Any products derived from grapes (wine, juice, raisins, etc.)

Limit shall be:
• Salt
• Sausage
• Cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, sorrel, celery, rhubarb, pepper, radish, turnip, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, plum
• Lard and butter
• Milk (you can add it to cereal or in drinks)

the basis of the diet are:
• Vegetarian soup
• Milk soups
• Meat, chicken, Turkey, rabbit (boiled)
• Squid and shrimp
• low-fat fish boiled (2-3 times a week, portion weight – 170 g)
• Dairy products are low fat
• Eggs (3 to 7 pieces a week)
• cereal Grains and pasta (in moderation)
• Vegetables, fruits, dried fruits (except as stated above)
• Nuts and seeds
• Caramel, jam, candy, jellies, marshmallows
• weakly brewed Green and black tea, coffee substitute, broth hips and wheat bran
• Juice, kvass, juice, juice
• Mineral water ("Naftusya", "Narzan", "Essentuki №17", "Borjomi")
• Vegetable oil
• Bread baking yesterday

Reviews of doctors

Diet for gout on feet clearly reglementary the nutrition of patients, but only such an approach can markedly improve their condition.