Diet "5 factors" Harley Pasternak

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truly effective weight loss system can only be considered a proper combination of diet and sports. This principle supports diet "5 factors" Harley Pasternak – it helps to visibly improve the shape and allows you to save for a long time the result.

The main characteristics of the diet

Fashionable among Hollywood fitness instructor H. Pasternak came up with this system of weight loss based on some features the star of life (it is worth noting the strong employment of the artists, their susceptibility to stress, etc.). Accordingly, this method:
• No different high complexity
• Offers a diet based on easily accessible and most simple product
• Allows you to cook the necessary dishes using minimal cooking utensils
• does Not dictate severe constraints

Basic nutrition recommendations

System power Mr. Pasternak offers fractional five-time meal, which is Breakfast, lunch and dinner complemented by two light snacks. It not only allows you to establish the metabolic processes in the body, but also prevents the emergence of feelings of hunger (and therefore, and helps to avoid physiological "rejection" diet).

to Cook meat, fish, cereals and vegetables stands with minimal thermal processing (they can simmer or boil), and a large part of the diet (ideally) should be raw foods (fruits, vegetables).

Menu diet "5 factors"

Each of the meals includes 5 ingredients and to cook them a full diet dish usually requires no more than 5 minutes.

so, 5 components (factors) of any of the meals:
• easily Digestible fats are any vegetable oil
• Proteins necessary to build muscle is lean meat (poultry, rabbit, beef), seafood and fish
• Fiber to neutralize feelings of hunger and to cleanse the body is fresh fruits and vegetables
• Complex carbohydrates to replenish energy cereals
• Unsweetened drink is tea, coffee, water, etc.


Physical exercise is perhaps the most important place in this method of weight loss – they can help to increase muscle tone and get rid of body fat (especially in the most problematic areas of the body). Every day you must allocate to training 25 minutes (approximately 5 minutes for each exercise).

the Approximate scheme of training should include:
• Cardio (exercise bike, treadmill, jump rope or just energetic dancing)
• weight training (squats, push-UPS, exercises on simulators)
• study of the abdominal muscles (exercises for twisting of the shell and to uplift the body and legs)
• Jogging (about 5 minutes)

Relief mode

To the body was not in the saving mode

Harley Pasternak

laid in their diet 5 days of rest every week one day is dedicated to eating her favorite foods (within reason, of course).

Dieticians warned – it is not necessary to hammer in a stomach fat, trudnosmyvaemye and high-calorie foods – it can trigger serious digestive problems. You can afford cakes and pastries (no greasy cream), a sandwich with eggs, cheese, etc.

The results of the diet of H. Pasternak

This diet lasts for 5 weeks and lets you remove during this time, from 5-10 kg of excess weight. Practice shows that the method of Pasternak can be used as the basis of a balanced diet.

According to many Hollywood stars who have tried the diet "5 factors" on myself about the best method of getting rid of extra pounds should not even dream of. Well, "star" opinion can be trusted safely.