Diet for immunity

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people today do not know that the immune system is responsible for our health that it should tenderly protect and support. Because he is so vulnerable. The immune system is undermined and the endless stress that is overflowing our modern life, and disgusting environment. Is there an reliable way to protect our immune system, to protect it? Definitely is the diet for immunity! The first thing to do is to stick to a healthy diet.

Resistant to many diseases our body make proteins immunoglobulins. Therefore, in your menu must be a sufficient number of products containing proteins of both vegetable and animal. Also for a strong immune system needs fats, including cholesterol. But today many of its deadly afraid of and aim to destroy it from the table. Of course, the cholesterol in the diet must be present in limited quantities, but it needs to be. Especially in the winter. Moreover, in no case do not resort in winter to the "low fat" diets. They are in warm seasons is only valid for a very short time.

in Winter, the body requires regular supply of fats. As fats on your table in winter it is useful to invite the butter and fat. By the way, the fat to maintain immunity. And a totally unfair think it is malicious for the figure product. Problems with the figure arise not because of fat, but because of its quantity.

But taking care of supplying your own body with proteins and fats, do not forget that it is not less than needs and hydrocarbons. After all, they are in the synthesis of new cells. And it is this process strengthens our immune system. So take care of regular supply your body with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And how to dispose of the resulting reserves, the body knows itself.

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Diet menu for immunity

so, what do we need to be on the table daily diet of 2000 kcal a day?

• To get the body enough protein per day we should eat 300 gr of meat, fish or poultry, in principle, also the amount of proteins can be obtained from 300 g of cottage cheese or cheese. Also suppliers of protein will be cereals, each day should be consumed 100 grams and 350 grams of bread. And 5 grams of protein in your body will add the vegetables. All together it will be 1600 kcal.

• Vegetable oils and animal fats in the form, respectively, of oil and butter, will be another 250 kcal from the diet.

• Enough carbon in your body will deliver all of the same cereals and bread.

• the Remaining 150 kcal have fresh vegetables and fruit will provide the body with fiber and the vegetable acids.