Diet Lera Kudryavtseva

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Leroux Kudryavtsev can be attributed to those happy people who manage to keep the ideal weight without much effort on their part. When Lera growth 167 cm, its weight is rarely more than a popular face in 50 kg. However, it might not be so simple and yet there are diet Lera Kudryavtseva, which is silent on this well-known actress and TV presenter? Our article will reveal this secret.

"Brand" diet

In recognition Lera, she never had to specifically restrict your diet and take diet. The crazy pace of life helps her to burn calories quickly and efficiently.

Leroy indulges in late dinners, at the same time the morning meal of this beautiful woman includes a minimum of products. In most cases, two meals is all that she manages to "intercept" all day. Valerie herself believes that this is enough, at least, the right fractional power does not cause her enthusiasm.

dietary preferences of the stars you can highlight the vegetables, fish and sweets. Lera stressed that, without denying yourself the pleasure to eat another croissant or delicious muffin, she does not allow himself to do it, "from morning till night" – maybe that's why these Goodies in no way affect the figure.

the sport Lera is extremely cold, although sometimes still visits the gym.

The program "Eat and hudey" with Leroy Kudryavtseva

Perhaps the program is "Eat and hudey" guide our heroine on the right path. Starting to work in this project, Valerie suddenly realized that any food quite possible to make useful – as a result you can be happy to devour your favorite cake or a salad and not add any grams. Replace high-calorie low-calorie product for everyone who care about their figure. Most importantly, according to Valerie, to show the wonders of ingenuity and do not be afraid of experiments.

the Basic idea of transmission, which leads Lera Kudryavtseva – health and beauty depends not on diets and from knowledge of his own body. Invent new recipes Lera helps her famous guests – Maria Kozhevnikova, Anfisa Chekhova, participant in "Comedy Woman", etc.

Perhaps diet Lera Kudryavtseva did not appear, however, whether our heroine will be able to ignore received in the transmission of knowledge. Apparently, the diet of the stars will soon change for the better.