Diet Victoria Beckham

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Singer, songwriter, model, designer and businesswoman – all these characteristics belong to popular "ex-spice girl" Victoria Beckham. Of great interest is the diet of Victoria Beckham – the star carefully watching their weight and despite a four-fold motherhood, remains as slender as a girl.

The Japanese diet from Victoria Beckham

Following Japanese etiquette food, Victoria took a rule to get up from the table, sated by 80%.

A sample diet

Breakfast: fresh strawberries (the portion weight is about 100 g) and the same number on the basis of sashimi tuna
Lunch: fresh strawberries (the portion weight is about 100 g) and the same amount of sashimi on the basis of acne
Evening meal: sashimi-based tuna (100 g)
throughout the day – water and white or green tea (sugar cannot be used)

Excludes sashimi having in its composition the salmon caviar or flying fish.

Low-fat diet

In this case Victoria tried to keep a balanced menu – in the black list includes only fats. The rate of fluid — 2 liters per day (it is recommended to drink water and green tea). Fiber and carbohydrates can put green vegetables, grains, fruits. Source of protein are seafood, cheese, fish. Diet during the diet a fractional – provides 4 meals. Sugar in the diet is completely excluded.

Sample menu

After waking up: a toast with a Cup of unsweetened green or white tea
lunch: fruit mix of kiwi, Apple and orange, seasoned with lemon juice and cinnamon
Lunch: vegetable stew with the addition of water (without oil) – 150 g, 100 g of boiled chicken without skin
Dinner: boiled shrimp, green leaf lettuce and a little low-fat cheese (such a dinner you can substitute steamed vegetables)

the weight of the portions of food should not exceed 250 g. should Not eat shortly before bedtime, but it is not necessary to dine before. 1 every 3-4 days you can enjoy a glass of dry white wine. 1 every 3 days is supposed to do a bowel cleanse. It was a drink made from natural juice of grapefruit and mineral water without gas. Drink you need to drink 2 times a day on an empty stomach.

Healthy diet from Victoria Beckham

the Main principle of this technique of weight loss is eating dishes prepared on pair. Victoria believes that steam processing allows you to keep most of the useful properties of products. The advantage of steam cooking is no need to use fat (in the diet period should be abandoned as from animal and vegetable fats). The meal plan excludes sugar and meat. Protein supply of lean fish and seafood.

Sample menu

Breakfast: a steam dish of lentils, carrots, peppers and zucchini
the Second Breakfast: green tea
Lunch: steam fish cutlets, vegetable dish
Dinner: seafood, or steam fresh veggies
the rate of fluid for the day: 2 l

A vegetarian diet from Victoria Beckham

according to rumors, Victoria is increasingly turning to vegetarian cuisine. It is based on the diet of arugula, strawberries, soy products, lettuce. In liquid diet Victoria there are teas (white, green, mint) and clean drinking water.

Sample menu

Breakfast: tofu (about 100 grams), 0.5 tbsp. fresh berries (Victoria prefers strawberry), tea (white, green or mint)
lunch: peppermint tea
Lunch: soy beans boiled and greens
afternoon Snack: soy cheese
Dinner: green leafy vegetables

it is Important to remember that the strict vegetarian diet is not for everyone – the active physical exertion you will experience serious calorie deficit. If you want to lose some excess weight, you can go on such a diet, but limit her time to 1 week, after which it increase the caloric intake gradually, not at once.


Diet Victoria Beckham (in any of the above) has extremely low calories (600-1000 calories) that is not well reflected in health.