Skinny diet

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As the name implies, the skinny diet not pleased with a variety of products, but it gives the ability to quickly adjust the shape. What is the methodology, how secure it is?

Skinny diet for 14 days

Skinny diet, for 14 days, similar to other low calorie diet called the ABC. Both of these methods severely limit the diet (quite simply, they make you starve) and can lead to the development of anorexia (this condition is characterized by manic adherence to the fasting regime and poses a threat to life).

Diet menu

Day # 1: unsweetened green tea (any amount, but drink a lot before going to sleep is impossible)
Day # 2: fat-free yogurt – 800 ml
Day # 3: green tea or tea with mint (Melissa) – sugar cannot be used as its substitute (stevia) – you can
Day # 4: sparkling mineral water
Day # 5: water and a green Apple (the Apple can be baked, and you can eat fresh, it is advisable to divide it into sections)
Day 6: skim milk – 1 liter
Day # 7: tea without sugar (green or mint)
Day # 8: 1 l skim milk
Day # 9: water and apples – 2 pieces (they can be baked or eaten fresh, dividing into slices)
Day # 10: fat-free yogurt – 1 liter
Day # 11: cucumber – 400-600 g
Day # 12: tea (green and mint) – sugar is banned
Day # 13: skim milk – 1 liter
Day # 14: water and apples – 3 PCs. (if you want you can bake them)


This diet is contraindicated in gastritis or any other gastrointestinal diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases and metabolic disorders, and weakened immunity. It is unacceptable to stick to a diet in the presence of psychological problems (the risk of subconscious rejection of food after the diet).

Useful tips


  • to prepare a fragrant tea, a few sprigs of mint (Melissa) wash, chop, put in teapot, add 2 tbsp of green tea. Add 1 liter of water, heated to 90 degrees, and leave for 20 minutes. Before use, dilute the tea with water.
  • If you want to treat yourself to a sweet tea, use stevia. 1 tbsp herbs and 1.5 tablespoons of green tea put in the teapot and pour 1 liter of water (temperature: 90-95 degrees). Allow the tea to steep.
  • Apples, if you decide to eat them baked, wash, place on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper, pop them into the oven, preheated to 180 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes.
  • The correct completion of the diet

    If, immediately after a lean low calorie diet to get back to normal food, health problems can not be avoided. In order not to sow discord in the body, it is recommended to gradually increase the caloric content of food. The first is to eat soft or pureed food, are not included in the large number of coarse dietary fiber. Throughout the week, it is not recommended to eat branny bread, rice, sour vegetables and fruits, spicy seasonings. The menu should prevail dairy products, lean meats and poultry (products from minced meat or mashed potatoes), lean fish, slimy porridge, soups, steamed or boiled vegetables. Such a diet should be followed as long as the weight is not stabiliziruemost. You can return to a normal diet.

    Results skinny diet

    This diet is difficult to describe, but the results will not be called the invisible. For 2 weeks takes 5-8 kg (with a large excess weight, you can lose the 10 kg).


    a Skinny diet is not the most optimistic reviews. After the diet significantly worsens the condition of hair, skin, nails (due to lack of vitamins and minerals). To avoid this, it is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complex. Violated the metabolic processes that the most detrimental impact on health is "out" out of chronic disease can lose the menstrual cycle, develop problems of the psychological plan (apathy, irritability, tearfulness). This diet is difficult to recommend – it brings a lot of harm, and even high performance it is not justified.