Diet Of Tina Kandelaki

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Food preferences of Tina Kandelaki

In everyday life, Tina tries to follow the rules of rational nutrition. It limits consumption of sweets, fatty foods, flour products. Judging by the recognition of the stars, to comply with such restrictions it is not difficult, since the category of favorite foods belong to vegetables and fruits. Our heroine loves salad made from Apple, tomato and cucumber. Sometimes throughout the day she eats favorite fruit, or drink water and tea with lemon juice and a small amount of honey. Tina made it a rule to start the day with a glass of water and a spoon of olive oil — it improves functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. She tries not to eat after 18.00. Tina easily tolerates salt-free diet, as the likes of natural spices and herbs. Alcoholic beverages she prefers juices, teas and mineral water.

A diet from a professional nutritionist

Sometimes the weight of Tina's still outside the norm. In order not to harm your health unreasonable restrictions, she prefers to use individual diet, developed by a professional nutritionist. A diet balanced in its composition and rich botanicals. Calorie diet restricted to 1300 kcal, you can eat a variety of foods (with the exception of overtly harmful). The diet also includes fasting days. According to the scheme proposed by the specialist, Kandelaki promptly dropped 5 lbs.

Sample menu

Before Breakfast: juice of cranberries
Breakfast: salad made of spinach and quail eggs
the Second Breakfast: fruit puree
Lunch: soup with pumpkin, salad with Apple, white cabbage, cranberries
Dinner: salad made from quince and beet
Dinner: steam fish and new potatoes

during the day: unleavened bread (2 slices), mineral water (0.5 l), natural juices

Protein diet of Tina Kandelaki

Relatively recently, Tina got hooked on a high protein diet, proposed by a French nutritionist Dukan. Tina says that this technique helped to lose those stubborn pounds that never left, even with active training programs.


Diet of Tina Kandelaki in any of the options is based on the recommendations of professional nutritionists. This suggests that the presenter is a very responsible attitude to their health.