Diet for high cholesterol

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Studies confirm the fact that the use of products that contribute to lowering cholesterol, reduces the risk of development of pathologies of the heart and blood vessels almost 13%. What should be the diet for high cholesterol? What foods contribute the most and which contribute to raising cholesterol?

Information about the problem

Bioactive substance cholesterol is the steroid, without which impossible the formation of bile acids, certain vitamins, hormones. Cholesterol necessary for metabolism and to remove toxins and decay products. It is completely unreasonable, to the detriment of harmful substances. Excess cholesterol go to the liver, where it is degraded to metabolites and for the most part removed from the body. In the presence of certain problems (primarily we are talking about obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders), as well as the dietary intake of large amounts of cholesterol and fails – cholesterol clogs blood vessels are formed atherosclerotic plaques, impeding blood flow. Diet with increased cholesterol reduces the flow of toxic products, which occurs due to the gradual purification of the blood and blood vessels. Normal cholesterol should be 5 mmol/L.

Proper nutrition

What is the diet to lower cholesterol? Immediately it should be said that this diet is short – need to reassess their dietary habits and develop new ones. The amount of fat (the primary source of cholesterol) should be reduced by about a third. It is important to consider the fact that a sharp increase in the level of cholesterol in the first place contribute to saturated fats (high concentration characteristic products of animal origin). Unsaturated fats (their source is food of vegetable origin), reduce the concentration of cholesterol. It is useful to introduce into the diet, and monounsaturated fats, present in fish – they also help to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

the priority should be:

  • Fish of different varieties without skin
  • poultry Fillets without skin
  • Dietary portions of meat

Before cooking the meat remove all visible fat. You will have to exclude from the diet refractory animal fats, meat products, sausages, bacon, fatty meats, and offal. When cooking and for salad dressings it is recommended to use vegetable fats (any, except palm oil).

Diet to lower cholesterol include in the diet of egg whites, but the yolks will have to be limited to 3-4 pieces a week (present in egg yolks cholesterol). Not to abuse sweets and confectionery – cakes, pastries, sweet and fatty desserts, ice cream, cakes, chocolate. Such food ensures the supply of a large number of "fast" carbohydrates and fats (first contribute to the second absorption, which increases the intake of bad cholesterol).

In the field of dairy products to the fore low-fat and fat-free types. Fat milk, yogurt, and kefir should not exceed 1.5 %. Cheese and curd should also have a minimum percentage of fat.

Diet prescribed for cholesterol, is based on plant foods – it helps to reduce cholesterol levels. The norm of fruit and vegetables – 400 g (but not less). Plant foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Nutritionists in the UK is recommended for cholesterol to eat 5 servings of plant foods a day.

For reference, 1 serving can contain:

  • Pineapple, cantaloupe – 1 large slice
  • Salad of raw vegetables – 2-3 tbsp
  • Fruit – 1-2 pieces (optional)
  • Dried fruits – 1 tbsp
  • Dish based on frozen vegetables – 2 tbsp

the proportion of complex carbohydrates should account for half the daily calorie intake. Sources of complex carbs are, including and cereal, they should be prepared in water or skim milk (butter is better not to use). Corn and cereals is advisable to eat in the morning. An alternative to meat can become legumes. Rate of bread should be limited to 5-6 pieces a day. The preference for the useful varieties of grain, rye, bran bread.

At a high level of cholesterol, avoid brewed coffee – the brewing of the beverage is extracted fat. If avid coffee lover strong enough to completely abandon the drink, he will be able to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 17%. Some experts recommend every day to drink half a glass of dry red wine (the product must be of high quality, to exceed the rate impossible). It is known that red wine contains large amounts of flavonoids that help cleanse the blood.


According to reviews, the diet prescribed for cholesterol, helps to improve the condition. This healthy diet has a rigid menu – it is important to observe certain limitations.