Jockey diet

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Brief background

Why diet has jockey "bias"? The fact that the weight of the profession is subject to rigorous control (especially before performances) and is limited to fifty kilograms. Jockeys are usually low fine-boned people, though the growth is not governed by the rules.

the lighter the rider, the greater the chance that the horse will finish first. That is why before the race the jockeys, as a rule, make all efforts in order to reduce your weight. Diet they combined with massage and sauna.

the following meal plan can be used for quick weight loss. The diet lasts for a brief period (3 days), long-term use it can cause harm. During the diet able to lose 2-3 kg.

Menu jockey diet

• Day # 1: chicken (skinless), baked or grilled (portion of the food should be eaten in 3 doses, divided into 3 parts)
• Day # 2: beef without fat – 300 g toasted on the grill (3 portions of 100 grams)
• Day # 3: black coffee without milk and sugar (not more than one litre)

All three of the day you need to drink plenty of still water.

The secret of the effectiveness of the diet

the basis of diet lies protein foods — it is known that it gives a feeling of satiety (meat is digested for about five hours). Protein boosts immunity, improves antioxidant function.

But not only this is the secret of the effectiveness of the diet – lean protein does not differ prohibitively high calorie, and everything else, takes some of the energy on its assimilation. Thus, the proposed menu above allows you to lose weight, almost without feeling hunger.

Another component with the jockey diet – coffee, helps to speed up metabolism. Eating refreshing drink, you can lose weight.

Another important point: jockeys are required to maintain good muscle tone. If you use for weight loss protein-free diet, the weight can go not only due to fat, but through muscle tissue, which in this case is totally unacceptable.

Why diet is based on animal, not vegetable protein? The answer is simple – animal protein amino acid composition similar to proteins of the human body.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

the Advantage of this diet (as well as all other "quick" methods of losing weight) is the rapid weight loss. Other useful qualities it does not.

Now for the cons. Alone protein foods is not able to provide the body with all necessary, in connection with which (with prolonged use diet) worsen the function of the body.

a Complete lack of fat leads to the fact that some vitamins and minerals no longer absorbed by the body, but it is not the best way affects health. To avoid this unpleasant side effect, it is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complex.

Another point: a day on coffee too hard a test for the organism (particularly to the cardiovascular system). Needless to say that the lack of food in the day will lead to persistent feelings of hunger (which is, in turn, could trigger the failure).

the Biggest drawback of the diet is rapid and almost guaranteed weight regain in the next few weeks after its completion.


Jockey diet for weight loss – not the best choice for women who care about their beauty. The fact that this technique (especially with prolonged use) can significantly worsen the condition of skin, hair and nails. Be reasonable and don't chase quick results.