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isn't that the man who lived to a very venerable years in sound mind and perfect physical form, deserves respect? More than 2 years ago died a distinguished surgeon and author of many books Dr. Angles. He managed to live to 103 years, focusing on several important rules, one of which is a balanced diet.

Obesity as a cause of many problems

Dr. Angles claimed that the extra pounds entail many problems. According to an experienced surgeon, weight:
• Depress the functioning of internal organs
• Reduce the body's resistance
• have a Negative impact on the blood (it increases the number of prothrombin and cholesterol)
• Provoke appearance of atherosclerosis and hypertension as well as heart disease, respiratory, liver and gastrointestinal tract
• Contribute to degenerative changes in joints
• Reduce life expectancy

Key recommendations

the Venerable survivor of 18 years, wore the same size clothes – his weight during all this time has not changed. Dr. Angles has highlighted several key points that helped him to keep fit to a ripe old age
• proactive attitude and a high rhythm of life
• Tweaked the diet and life
• Optimism
• Pouring cold water (if possible)
• a Moderate but varied diet (it must include vegetables, fruits, cheese, lean meat and fish)
• the Refusal of sleep after eating and from snacking late
• Strict limitation of sweets, confectionery and white bread,
• proper rest (at least 7-8 hours)
• Adherence to Orthodox positions

Recommendations on diet

According to the doctor, every 2 months you can stick to a gentle ten-day diet. The following is her diet – the strict observance of this diet allows to get rid from 3-5 kg of excess weight.

• 9.00 a Cup of tea or a Cup of organic coffee with 1 tsp sugar
• 11.00 1 egg, hard-boiled and prunes (8 count)
• 14.00 lean meat or sausage (200 g), cabbage or carrots (100 g), orange
• 17.00 cheese (30 g), orange or Apple
• 20.00 Yogurt or sour milk (250 ml)

Dr. Angles proved to us the validity of their claims by example, so do not listen to his advice is simply impossible.