Diet Taisia Povaliy

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Always inimitable slender and beautiful Povaliy is not only a virtuoso of voice, but is able advantageously to present your image on the stage. Let's find out how this wonderful singer to maintain perfect form. What kind of diet she is following?

The "star" weight loss secrets

Taisa believes that it is easier to prevent a problem than to solve it. That's why the singer is trying not to overeat and not to eat at night. In her daily menu, there is a large amount of vegetables and fruits. In addition, she loves hand-made orange juice, which not only gives a charge of vivacity, but also dulls the appetite.

Despite the desire to keep fit, Taisiya quite often indulge themselves to delicious and hearty. But such departures from the rules of rational nutrition immediately affect the figure of the singer. In this case, comes to the aid of a special diet Taisia Povaliy, which is designed for 9 days (though the singer rarely has more than 3-6 days – in this period she manages to get rid of the gained weight).

Sport and exercise

the Thais are not fond of Sports, because it considers your work schedule quite a rich active life on the stage provides the body needs to load.

the Singer does not neglect the massage and relax after a hard day and keep muscles toned.

Unloading and diet

• Unloading

Following the recommendations of the famous Queen Margaret, Taisiya Povaliy once a week satisfied myself unloading on rice. The singer eats specially prepared rice until saturation and drinks during unloading, only mineral water without gas.

Method of preparation: rice to pour the water, bring to boil and drain (procedure is repeated 4 times). The rump cannot be salted and flavored with something (banned all fats and condiments). Ideally, the rice should be polished (perfect wild black or any other brown rice).

• Diet Taisia Povaliy menu and recommendations

the First 3 days have the empty rice, prepared as described above.

the Second 3 days you can eat boiled meat without salt and spices (beef, chicken).

Last 3 day "devoted to" vegetables and fruits that is consumed in any quantity (not forgetting, however, about the sense of measure).

As at the time of discharge, you can drink only mineral water or green tea without sugar.

This wonderful woman is trying not to resort to diets and unloading before important events, because this has a negative impact on health and voice.

We have revealed to you the main secrets of the singer Taisia Povaliy, allowing her to always look gorgeous. Sincerely wish you to achieving success!